The Other Brothers Prove Their Might With A Great Hometown Performance [Review]

first_imgQuickly ascending neo-jam-soul six-piece The Other Brothers from New Paltz, NY played a hometown show at Snug Harbor Bar and Grill (Snugs) on Friday, January 27th, 2017. Fervent fans showed up in full force, offering a near capacity crowd, to support the local boys and a rep from the establishment said it was one of the largest crowds in the venue’s history. Snugs is a special place in New Paltz as it is the last bar standing that actually produces live music as most have been replaced by stale DJ offerings.Formed in 2012, while all attended SUNY New Paltz, the Other Brothers are Brandon Bera (drums), Chris Owens (vocals), Gabe Marquez (keyboard), John Morrison (guitar), Jordan Mendelson (bass) and Jared Nelson (Percussion). They are veteran performers at Rock and Roll Resort and Sunflower Festival. They made an indelible mark by sharing an incendiary mix of eclectic soul and funk music with elements of jam for nearly 2 hours. The show was a one-off with no immediate gigs planned, as the group prepares to head into the studio and record their debut album, Jones. With the guitar-driven rock and roll and funky back beat, the band is slicker and edgier, but reminiscent of early Spin Doctors at times and an exemplary vehicle to showcase the angelic and smooth vocals of front man, Owens.Owens, who guitarist Morrison discovered at a house party when he was jokingly singing a Creed song, possesses a stage presence and persona pose that are a triple threat: the contagious kinetic energy of an early David Byrne, exuding the subtle yet fiery coolness of Eddie Vedder and the sex appeal of Jim Morrison when frenetically dancing, complete with his own signature move of his eyes frequently popping out of his head. His voice passes through various vocal octaves at times with the frequent juxtaposition of high soaring leads while allowing appropriate use of guttural exertions that emphasize the deep soul sound of the material when needed.The band is known for a vast array of covers including Billy Joel, Frank Ocean and John Legend and on this night they opened by covering, “Film de Festa” and “Exit Music.” They also shared two live debuts in “K2 in the Bathroom” and “Bound.” The songs were varied in style and delivery but three compositions stand out. These compositions are smooth and rich in depth. “Your Machine” may be the bands most universally accepted single. Rare time signatures in the song alternate between deliberate and contagiously rapid fire up-tempo. It would make a solid radio single as it is a relentless groove that showcases the band’s strengths.Morrison, a professional musician, picks his spots for a fiery jam but it is his ability to fill with tasty licks at the appropriate time that stands out. His guitar tone is reminiscent of Trey and sometimes during “Your Machine” the noodling is reminiscent of the famed Vermont band. Mendelson’s drops tasty bombastic beats and provides a stellar bass hook on “Can I Get It?” – another up-tempo number that delivers an assault on the senses.“Cave In” is a unique song that is a feel good lift me up. During the chorus, one feels like they are floating across the high seas on a cruise ship holding a libation. It’s soothing and hypnotic; bound to inspire anyone with a healthy pulse to smile while tapping their toes.The band no doubt garnered many new fans with their inspired play on this night. As a music aficionado, one knows there is nothing more invigorating than discovering a quality new band – one need look no further than The Other Brothers. To satiate one’s need for more music, while we wait with anticipation for the new album, listen to Bandcamp – you have nothing to lose, only stellar grooves to gain.Setlist: The Other Brothers | Snugs | New Paltz, NY | 1/27/17Set: Film de Festa, Exit Music, Levee For Free, Way You Are, These Cycles, Good Thing, Your Machine, K2 in the Bathroom, Love Recedes, New Friends, Cave In>Can I Get It?, Don’t Mean a Thing, In the City, Addicted to Weed, BoundEncore: Elizabeth Reed, Fly Like an Eagle[Photo via Dino Davaros]last_img

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