Scientists Closer to Invisibility Cloak

first_imgDear super creepy people: Great news. We’re one step closer to all getting invisibility cloaks. Scientists have created small cloaking devices capable of bending light around objects. Objects of a similar nature have been created in the laboratory, but they only worked with microwave rays–useless, since we can’t see them anyway.Last year, scientists managed to cloak nearly visible light, but the affected area was 30 microns–that’s roughly a third the width of a human hair. The current size of the cloaked object is still pretty small–about three-quarters of an inch–but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Scientists managed to cloak that three-dimensional object against white light and red and green laser.And that’s just the start. As one of the scientists told the press, “”there is actually no limit on the size of the cloak.” The cloaking device was created using calcite prisms with crystals measuring around three-quarters of an inch. Larger prisms can created a larger cloaked area.The aforementioned scientist again,The cloaks can be readily scaled up to hide larger objects. It really depends on how large a calcite crystal we can find in nature. According to the literature, the largest calcite crystal has a scale of 7 meters by 7 meters by 2 meters (23 feet by 23 feet by 6.5 feet). Such a crystal would enable the construction of an invisibility cloak that can conceal objects a few meters wide and at least 40 centimeters (16 inches) high.last_img

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