Watch 1069 Dancing Robots Claim New World Record

first_img Review: ‘Daemon X Machina’ Has Big Robots, Small Fun on Nintendo SwitchThis Robot Is Equal Parts Lawnmower and Snow Blower A Chinese toy maker has broken the Guinness World Record for “most robots dancing simultaneously.”Yes—While you toil away at your desk for eight hours a day, five days a week, there are people out there programming machines to boogie woogie all night long.A whopping 1,069 synchronized bots lined up in Guangzhou, Guangdong earlier this month to perform a perfectly choreographed dance routine.(via Guinness World Records)“Well, almost perfect—a few of the robots fell down during the dynamic show, and these had to be deducted from the final record total,” according to the Guinness World Records site.The dance-off—more of a public relations move—earned maker WL Intelligent Technology Co. not only accolades, but public attention: As of press time, the Guinness World Records YouTube video has garnered hundreds of thousands of views.Dubbed “Dobi,” the 1.5-foot self-stabilizing android boasts 17 joints, allowing it to walk like a human, perform martial arts, do yoga, and, of course, bust a move. It can also interact with people, chatting and telling stories.Watch 1,069 Dobi robots cut a rug in the official video above.According to Guinness, the bots danced to 60 seconds of a song “called ‘Gentlemen,’” presumably of Psy fame. (I was holding out for “Mr. Roboto,” anything by Daft Punk, or this gem.)WL Tech beat two previous records, both claimed in 2016 by Chinese companies.(via Guinness World Records)In April, UBTECH Robotics Corp. made history when 540 “Alpha 1S” machines danced behind singer Sun Nan during the CCTV Sprint Festival Gala in Shenzhen.Four months later, Ever Win Company & Ltd. nearly doubled that achievement with 1,007 robots dancing in unison for a full minute. A few of the shimmying cyborgs, named QRC-2, were disqualified because they didn’t dance, or fell over.Backup dancers aren’t the only ones who should be quaking in their lace-up boots, though. Softbank’s Pepper robot—already adept at navigating busy malls—is learning to deliver Buddhist funeral rites.Editor’s Note: This story was updated on Aug. 30 with comment from Guinness World Records.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img

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