PacMan Battle Royale now available to US arcades

first_imgArcades are few and far between just about everywhere except Japan and theme parks now I’d guess. But that doesn’t mean new arcade machines aren’t still hitting the market every year. True, most of them require importing from Japan, but it’s worth it for the right game.The arcade cabinet format we see the most is the stand up and sit down units with tilted displays allowing the player to look straight ahead. But for Pac-Man‘s 30th anniversary celebrated in 2010, Namco decided to return to the tabletop arcade cabinet format for a game called Pac-Man Battle Royale. And now it’s possible to play the game outside of Japan if you have an arcade nearby with it installed or deep enough pockets to invest yourself.The video above gives you a good idea of the gameplay, with up to four players able to stand around the machine and take part. It puts a twist on the traditional Pac-Man game that saw you eat pellets and avoid ghosts. In Battle Royale the other players are also a target and eating a power pellet allows you to get large and hunt them down. To win a round you simply need to be the last Pac-Man standing.If you’re lucky enough to have space for Battle Royale in a home arcade then you can pick one up for around $4,275, quite a bit cheaper than the $17,000 required for a Street Fighter IV setup. Otherwise, if you have a local arcade this may be on their list of buys depending on what type of crowd they get in.Read more at Arcade Heroes, via Joystiqlast_img

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