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first_imgFFWPU Korea, Planning and PR Department: As part of the activities commemorating the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day, FFWPU Korea sponsored an ‘Aju Heondok Concert’ with the ‘Hoondokhwe, My Life’s Compass’ which was held on March 7 at the main santuary of Cheon Bok Gung, with a crowd of more than 600 in attendance.The ‘Aju Hoondok Concert’ was organized to help members to inheriting the True Parents’ tradition of Hoondokhwe, to educate them about the scriptures, and to support the establishment of Hoondok culture. The opening ceremony and the main event that followed were shared through internet broadcast with viewers in more than 2,400 locations around the world.Hoondokhwe: a treasured legacy and tradition of the Tongil Family Culture of HeartMr. Seongil Cho, Head of the FFWPU Korea PR Department, served as master of ceremonies for the opening ceremony. In his opening address, FFWPU Korea President Rev. Kyeong Seuk Ryu emphasized the importance of hoondok reading, saying, “After True Parents discovered the loss of the first human ancestors, they shared this message through proclamations, sermons and events, aimed at educating the world, and the record of their words remain, to be read as Hoondok, a treasured legacy and tradition in the Tongil family’s culture of heart.”Rev. Ryu continued by sharing a passage from Cheon Seong Gyeong about the meaning of Hoondokhwe, “The Chinese character hoon (訓) consists of two characters joined together: “words” (言) and “stream” (川). The stream is water. Water flows. Water lives only when it flows. As the character hoon symbolizes the Word as water, the words need to constantly flow in order to remain alive. When water is still it stagnates. As water flows from higher to lower ground, the words need to be passed along over and over. To be clear, water has to flow; water that does not flow becomes murky. Pure spirits dwell in clear water. Hoondokhwe is like water. If you trap water, it will turn foul.” Following this, he continued, “You must continuously share True Parents’ words, the words of truth, so that they do not become stagnant. This is why we have gathered here today for this Hoondok Concert.”Special testimony about Hoondokhwe by Mrs. Wonju McDevittThe second part of the program began with a video of the last prayer True Father offered before his Seonghwa, followed by an anthem Cheon Shim Choir entitled ‘The Mariner’, and then the Cho Seong Min dance group did an interpretive worship dance. The main portion of part two, the Hoondok Concert, was organized by Yeongho Yoon of the planning and PR Department, and included Hoondok selections, along with panel discussions and comments.The next part of the program, Hoondok Story #1 ‘True Parents’ Love for Hoondokhwe’, was conducted by Professor Hangje Kim and Mrs. Wonju McDevitt, special assistant to True Mother, who gave a testimony about how once, when she was travelling with True Parents from South America to Korea on their private jet, True Father told her and others who were travelling together to read the entire 2,300 pages of Cheon Seong Gyeong during the trip, and they all read as quickly as they could to finish reading before the end of the 30 hours trip. Mrs. McDevitt continued to testify about how True Father’s love for Hoondokhwe is now being continued by True Mother, saying “to True Parents, Hoondokhwe is as important as breathing.”The next part of the program was a performance of Hoondok in Korean traditional Pansori epic opera style by singer Yongsu Lee. The lyrics for the Pansori performance were inspired by the text of Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6, “All True Things”, Chapter 2, “The Essence and Order of the Universe.”Rev. Young Hwi Kim, Director of Cheon Il Won, emphasizes the deep meaning of the essence of True Parents’ wordsHoondok Story #2, ‘What is Hoondok?’ was conducted by Rev. Young Hwi Kim, Director of Cheon Il Won, who supervised the publication of Cheon Seong Gyeong and Pyeong Hwa Gyeong, as well as Cham Bumo Gyeong, which was recently presented at the 2nd Anniversary of Foundation Day.Director Kim explained, “The word Hoondokhwe can be interpreted from its Chinese roots, but if we look at it more deeply, we must understand that we must not allow True Parents words to sit quietly in one place, but we must let them flow continuously like water, as the way to connect ‘myself’ and ‘others’. If we allow Hoondokhwe to play this role, it will be just like life flowing from True Parents.”The second special performance included a Hoondok song by singer Hyejung Lee and Cho Seong Min dance group. Hyejung Lee offered a beautiful recitation of True Father’s poem, “Crown of Glory” and the dance group performed with the theme of “Cheon Seong Gyeong, Heaven’s Holy Words.” The performance explored the fall of man, and True Parents’ search to offer salvation to fallen man, bringing a restored world of peace and harmony through the word, through Cheon Seong Gyeong.Hoondok Story #3 focused on the topic, ‘Hoondok methods with the Cheon Il Guk scriptures’ and was conducted together by Director Young Hwi Kim and Professor Hangje Kim. Director Kim explained why it was necessary for True Parents to produce Cheon Seong Gyeong, and what described the atmosphere and process and many of the episodes that transpired during the production of Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyeonghwa Gyeong and Cham Bumo Gyeong. He continued by explaining that the right attitude and method for Hoondok are important, but it is more important to understand and remember how True Parents discovered the word and what is the essence of the word.The performance that followed was a Hoondok rap by the Mitsuya team of 2nd generation members. The piece, professing their faith in True Parents and reminding us that it is not enough to read and believe the teachings contained in Cheon Seong Gyeong, but that we must also manifest them in our daily lives, was greeted with resounding applause.Hoondok Recitations bring warm reactions from audienceDuring the Hoondok Concert, a variety of different styles of Hoondok recitation were offered, including solo, joint and group recitations. Scriptural Hoondok can also include readings, performances, and recitations from memory. Recitations can be accompanied by appropriate background music to enhance the effectiveness of the presentation.The first Hoondok recitation from memory was presented by Yeonkyung Ryu, a 3rd generation church member in 4th grade. She recited a passage from Book 5, Chapter 4, section 5 of Cheon Seong Gyeong, “The Path that Children must Take” and her confident manner and perfect memorization of Cheon Seong Gyeong gained her loud applause and cheers from the audience. A second passage, ‘The Power of True Love’ from Book 3, Chapter 1, Section 4 of Cheon Seong Gyeong was presented as a joint recitation by a Korean-Japanese Blessed Couple, Yeongdong Kim and Harumi Masabuchi.The third recitation was offered by Jongwon Ko, Chairman of the Shimjeong Literary Society, along with Kubae Park, Jongwoo Ko, Keumseuk Hwang and Baegwan Moon. The five offered a group recitation of ‘Three Great Subject Partners Principle’ from Book 2, Chapter 1, Section 3 of Cheon Seong Gyeong. All of these presentations showed members in all the regions and local congregations a variety of ways to do Hoondok.After the recitations special assistant Mrs. Wonju McDevitt, Professor Hangje Kim, FFWPU Vice President Rev. Hyunyeong Lee, the Cheon Shim Choir and all of the other participants gathered together on the stage and sang Hollo Arirang, followed by three cheers of Okmanse, led by FFWPU Vice President Lee to close the program.The Aju Hoondok Concert is scheduled for a national tour of church regions, as a pilot project of True Love TV, part of FFWPU’s new media witnessing strategy that President Kyeong Seuk Ryu is emphasizing for the year 2015.last_img

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