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it made me feel younger, and I thought. I just never felt like I could stand and be okay with having a camera in my face I always would start to ham it up Its only because Ive gotten filled with such gratitude for what Ive been able to do and who I am that I can stand there [in character] This is me This is me and this person Is it hard to get into and out of character when you work as prolifically as you do Im definitely trying towhich is something I never ever had the luxury of even consideringtrying to take a second between each one I would say yes to everything because I have a gazillion crazy talented creative friends and if they ask me to do a guest spot on their show Ill do it But Im trying to be more careful It depends on what it is I just want to be rested creatively before I start something which is a luxury I never expected After Philip Seymour Hoffmans death the show was put on hold for quite some time Were there moments you considered dropping out I loved Shalom Auslander Its all because of him It was an awful time It was hard to see clearly because I was so invested in Shalom and wed been through so much together My initial reaction was "Its us I believe in you Shalom" There were moments when I said to myself "Whats happening" Im so proud I stuck with it that I stuck with Shalom Its been a life-altering part and its gotten richer in so many ways It sounds like Shalom was something of a lodestar in a chaotic process [Shaloms] got an amazing dark specific worldview Hes a peculiar bird and thats what makes him so delicious because hes so completely himself He wrote every single episode He didnt have a writing staff This is the first time hes written something scripted It was an incredible gamble for all of us him included The pressure of working with him and going through this process was the best I learned about myself because there were no other cooks Showtime let Shalom be Shalom That direct line of communication was so awesome and helpful Do you worry about taking on a show this risky now that youre happily so established in your career I feel like Im in untested waters As grateful as I am to be a working stiff even if I was more well-known I wouldnt want to do jobs because I thought they could be safe I would never want to Thats the point I believe in Shaloms writing The show had a solid vision and voice Nothing is neutralizing like getting overloaded to death by a gazillion people but this is what he set out to do How do you create chemistry with all of the many actors youve played opposite Its hard to believe youre automatically clicking with everyone you work with It takes a ton of time because the first couple times at bat with anybody its going to be a sniffing-each-other-out period Sometimes it can be like we over-laugh at each other to build each other up to make a safe space trying to create that even if it may not be to the benefit of the scene or necessary Sometimes its instant and sometimes it takes a second Thats just time Ive never had an experience where Ive had no chemistryfor the most part Ive been able to work with people I really dig I hear nightmare stories and I almost wish that had happened to me just so Id have the story How was it with Coogan specifically Hes so delicious We became instantly fraternal which doesnt sound very sexy but is perfect for their marriage Hes so game and so smart My big hurdle was the intimidation factor: Id just seen [Coogans movie] The Trip I felt like a ratty-haired mess next to him By the end though I just couldnt wait to get back into the ring with him Contact us at [email protected] “There is no price that is too big to pay for peace to be achieved in any part of Nigeria, which kept him out of duty for about a month, Jim Young—Reuters Actresses America Fererra (R) and Lena Dunham (L) arrive on stage to deliver remarks on the second day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center,S. Sen.

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What effect has the National Front had on its political rivals? By David Willey “He learned that scores of homeless people were sleeping rough literally on his doorstep, well.

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