No flicker share some of the most simple and practical dry cargo station

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love Shanghai in July 3rd once again weakened the "chain" value, for the grassroots sure it is extremely good, finally not when the robot. For some "chain" for the benefit of the people concerned, some lose value, even some lost the future.


1, the amount collected is much higher than the actual

how to do? How to do? Is this problem usually is not the case, for example, last month there are so many websites! This time waiting for him to return to the rational operation included! If in a hurry, but just the opposite

if the site well before, suddenly the content is not included, usually has the following reasons: content description text too much, the less content, update frequency instability, acquisition copy too much, or DNS, the server is not stable. One point is worth mentioning: love is not very stable recently accelerated Haiyun, received a lot of webmaster error, I hope you can quickly solve the

3, ranking unchanged, plunged

is an advertising that are included, so the site can good? Some dynamic link, and no sites such as: 贵族宝贝seebk贵族宝贝/ www.admin5贵族宝贝

included how to do? !The number of included!

4, ranking unchanged, but the flow is less


also view the LOG log, the spider is not in the near future a lot of grab site? If it is, then there could be found that there is a serious problem in website, in May there are many sites have problems.

so, how to do rankings after? For this, certainly more people confused, especially those outside all day long chain as the goal of the buddies! Actually, you really understand Shanghai dragon? Understand the essence of search engine optimization? Otherwise, also not be confused, because Shanghai love this treatment is too good, finally let the optimization regression nature, competition is more benign development. Well, not much to say, today to bring some buddies do share, if the "dry cargo" these problems must be solved in your website, oh, do not go back to send the chain

for this.



site itself is not so much information, but why so many included? If there is such a phenomenon, it is not Hi, but because the site is really a problem.

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2, the site suddenly not included how to do

website ranking is good, but the quantity is included directly fall, and even some large site fell over a million

need to check whether there is different: the same content included, if there is an error included, for example:

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