See the website optimization not only look at the left at right from Shanghai on the promotion of lo

, to spend money to do promotion is not the strength of the company:

in the analysis of user habits and psychological behavior, rattan design first of all what is universal website ranking and ppc.

in 2013 to make "money panic" era, more and more buyers more wary of buying products and product information and began analysis of enterprise reality, many people believe that the original information and information in the real sea, the original information is actually very simple.

website ranking: website ranking optimization is a pointer to the site in the search engine rankings website optimization and the optimization of the external website ranking optimization techniques including internal optimization and site site. Optimization is the site can get good rankings and the site in the search engines do not closely related. Internal optimization is mainly the content of the website and the keywords set, while the external website optimization of that site is a good website external links. If these two aspects are done well, the website can have very good rankings in search engines, which will bring huge traffic to your site.

PPC: in this case, maybe some company bosses feel very rich, when the enterprise has encountered development bottleneck, so he won’t want to break through, but sit still. Such thinking is not conducive to the development of enterprises, maintaining the status quo is not successful entrepreneurs should stick to the business model. Such behavior will be so in love with Haitong engine into the wealthy who who ranked first in the rules of the game, so that more enterprises pay more high ranking. But we have to deny the early Internet ranking in the enterprise sales greatly meet the enterprise investment. Bring huge traffic and customer orders for the enterprise.

in 2000, due to the Internet bubble burst, some web portals (Sina, Sohu, NetEase, etc.) from the early Shanghai cooperation and love slowly turn out of love Shanghai, love Shanghai began sales of large new PPC strategy to restore their lost customers and change in early 80%, is the beginning of that year love, let love Shanghai Shanghai PPC Search profit, more and more enterprises join the engine slowly. In fact, now love Shanghai purchase price price is completely irresponsible of the site, the site after the design did not achieve the ability of website optimization, so that more and more enterprises form unnecessary competition, the bidding is more and more high copy. But with the Internet gradually developed today, in-depth understanding of the net love Shanghai, although the ranking is more and more high, but the real order conversion rate is decreased slowly. Rattan design analysis of the analysis of user search habits and user psychology, summed up a few points: first, to spend money to do the promotion is not the strength of the company; two, website promotion only left at the right; three, just look at the brand strength; four, the strength of natural ranking website.

then from above to popularize the knowledge of which I have been able to see it, the relationship between business and love Shanghai, so say we mentioned at the beginning of user search habits and psychology of users:

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