The website of Shanghai dragon ultimate scheme analysis of your competitors

the final analysis of their chains, the Tencent in accordance with the method of success (copy), they can send the chain is where you place to send the chain, so many sites let you choose to believe you outside of the chain can not be less! A lot of the chain to improve your website’s weight. Let you have ahead of the competition in may.

the above content by the Chongqing website promotion Shanghai dragon.Org first, original articles written hard please leave a link.

The ultimate solution is the

continues to look at their description, can attract you so you have to click on desire? Now most of the site description are not attractive. Describe what is it used for? Is used to advertise! Think about when shopping malls to engage in activities, the audience 2 fold, over 100 to send 100. Is this is the description of need, let people click on the desire for a quality description can bring you more traffic without a doubt.

first love to see Shanghai, China optimization best website is undoubtedly love Shanghai, love Shanghai according to the wording of title will connect your keywords not more than not too long in less than 35 words 4 words "_". Now you want to optimize the search keywords, look at a few of the top 10 websites in the top-level domain name of the site, they are your competitors. First look at the title tag as you write, if a lot of keywords website you can generally compete after all the weight scattered.

so you can make a successful website, why is possible, because the key point is to adhere to the website of Shanghai dragon, only unremittingly your website can go beyond the opponent, we are on the way.

to enter the site to see, and to optimize the local domain, 301 redirection must be done, this is the best way to focus on the weights of the home page. Optimization analysis to hot search keywords, long tail keywords and related keywords, classification page optimization under normal circumstances with the hot search keywords, long tail keywords and related keywords within the page optimization. Look at what they do, must be a good place to learn, is a good place to give up. Look at the distribution of the anchor text page, to use their own website. Such a high-quality website prototype appeared.

site of Shanghai dragon with the most simple method to quickly improve website rankings, a certain foundation of Shanghai dragon Er all know that Shanghai dragon then several methods, and these methods are used to optimize and probably be right down, K station. What is the website of Shanghai Longfeng ultimate solution, the answer is simple analysis of your competitors, competitor is your best teacher, we should look at what weight to analyze your opponent.

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