The original understanding of the form in the end there are several

love Shanghai the same day to be included in the new way and the experience of veteran webmasters may not be what strange events, but a large local veteran webmaster, can be a very difficult problem. A new station on the old station, probably need 15 talents can be loved in Shanghai included, even very good website also need at least a week before they can be included in the love of Shanghai. Here a noble baby said in a moment, a new individual will be in second days by the nobility included baby.


so, be aimed at the railway station in Shanghai on the day of love is not included is a very difficult thing? Not practice, Shanghai has been included in the new day love is not what myth, veteran Adsense also can be done, only maintain a positive way to explore new ways to keep the. My station was included on the day has been shown only in accordance with certain way can be done. So, then, I will share some of the experience, wish the old bird webmaster can guide you, also hope to veteran webmasters can learn a little knowledge from the outside, to set up after my site to some sponsorship.

remember when I first made the station, a station on the second day is the baby included, but love Shanghai delay is not included, every day in the sea to check whether love has been included, is really very anxious people. It was a small station can be found in the time of a month, but the time display is included since the website set up using 16 days. About this situation I don’t know what is going on. However, at first I do stand also slowly up, accumulate experience more and more, the new love Shanghai included time also in slowly extended, on the basis of all is about a week’s time is included.

, the first order of the choice of

space and domain name, the order to the space, the site set up, the first thing to do is to increase the content of the website. A web site will be divided into several different sections, each section will increase the content, not because there is no time and empty. The content of the preparation should be in the website building should be to achieve the task, don’t wait to play station has been set up to achieve to prepare content, so it is initiative. The content is divided into "

second, effective website original contentAfter the purchase of


station order choice which is also the main contrast. Good order is the investment website search engine good, individual order came slowly. When I started to learn the establishment is to use a single page to do some simple web site, these stations do not have what disadvantage is the individual individual as natural consequences. At first, the time to the invention of the CMS collected at a significantly enhanced. Like DEDECMS is a good order, is conducive to optimizing. Good order is a good start, everything is the so-called closure difficult, the beginning is in good order, is half the battle, next to optimization, will certainly be a good seed.

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