How to do the optimization of enterprise



most enterprises are not competitive, but does not rule out some key words popular in the industry, so the main medium of the selection of some keywords in the choice of target keywords, with a main target key word competition can be popular, generally 3 to 4.

enterprise, Shanghai dragon ER even made many web site optimization for several years, but also do not know how to take over a business website, personal experience according to the optimization for several years and summarizes the following experience, first personal experience is not necessarily correct, so just give we learn from.

based on personal observation, many enterprises do help Shanghai dragon ER personnel, will buy some cheap space for enterprise, although such ER only make Shanghai Longfeng more money, but has a great impact on the later Shanghai Longfeng, spatial instability will lead to the site search engine drop right, this is all ER should be aware of the Shanghai dragon.

is four points above the enterprise optimization, the optimization of deep layer involves data analysis techniques, for the optimization of the enterprise must plan to do, don’t accept other people’s money, is eager to put the top up, although the ranking is up, but is unstable. Still there is no use later, but more difficult to do up the rankings, this article from the 贵族宝贝liaotianb贵族宝贝/ please indicate the source, these are some personal experience for reference only.

How to do the optimization of

fourth: station optimization


outside the station, you find there are hundreds, but must not be able to use mass software, not to rush to get ranked, each site must have a buffer period of three months, the ranking will be stable for a long time, thus obtained, and for the latter part of the maintenance is more convenient.

first choice

The basic method of Many optimization methods of

station is for a long time to change, rather than a one-time, such as modify site title, change the end to pause after a week to change, this is done in order to change the site reduced greatly, substantial changes will make the search engine directly drop right, or other three labels written, the total static URL.

The main keywords Optimization of

third: the station optimization

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