Look at the defect Lasafo Shanghai dragon set from the internal structure 2

?The first point:

in the logo part of the station page should appear logo like this, this direct link with the way directly home, be sure to add text relevance, such as "Lasafo" brands such words, but for the whole station, but did not appear, this is copied to the station when the correlation will affect the site, the details you can see, if how will place on this blank? Maybe you will say no transfer correlation, only transfer weight; in fact empty words, you can use a background image replacement, do not put the link.


as Amoy shoes network, the home into his own brand, as shown in figure

in the station, the author seems to feel a bit to see what a little, and then try to see the word "brand Lasafo", is found on the website of the entire station, link back to the home page is the word "home", but not other words, don’t lefeng贵族宝贝 want to "first the two page text to improve the relevance? Can not help silent, in fact a website, this two word home page should try to avoid, remember in the actual Zac code, see the case, the first link, try to use the brand, and now, the general will is the first link link back to their own brand of home, in order to prevent the loss of weight, then the removal on the front page of what

4) website on the "space using

home delivery" There is a point on the "



wrote an article "Le bee from the internal structure of Shanghai dragon set defects yesterday (1)" this morning to see lefeng贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng effect, in this article, the author write the 3 points on the Lasafo self observation, hoping to get the support of friends.


" code optimization, on this website, a lot of times this space code, it should be specifically about the optimization of code, do not

such a home page, and to appear as shown in the above 43 spaces, this is about the Shanghai dragon made the details of program optimization, remember in Webmaster tools, there is a part of the optimization program, if you want to try changing your site procedures, improve efficiency, can try it on, such code words, my suggestion is that a lot of observation, found a deletion of A.

had observed the large website program yesterday, today will carefully observe some basic details about this website, the station page, the text is LOGO in the following parts:

5) "website correlation


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