How to use QQ space to do keyword ranking

see a lot of people write in the QQ space to do Shanghai dragon ranking content, for this I was small, but the others did not say so complicated and mysterious, paid the money to learn, nonsense not say directly on the dry cargo.




QQ space included is a little difficult for before, I do not know why, now I do not know QQ space is open to love Shanghai spiders, or love of spiders in Shanghai began to focus on QQ space, now included in QQ space has become easier. This included the number from the QQ space can be seen. 贵族宝贝tool.chinaz贵族宝贝/history/ h=qzone.qq贵族宝贝, a little suspense?.


well, finally, I hope everyone can make more money, as CEO, marry white Formica, toward the pinnacle of life

the choice of a little bit of technology, involves the keyword selected, choose keywords that unpopular industries cut to earn money, is not that high weight website keywords PA screen, if you choose the keyword search results is the love of Shanghai, 58 Alibaba, these sites occupied, do also no use. Like the time share "law firm" this keyword. For example, I do the train driving on behalf of "love words, Shanghai ranked third, the first week included after have my phone, but this list did not talk to 555

! Since

included? 1, registered QQ space, open to all people can visit, don’t set permissions, remember! The love, the sea URL submitted, the chain platform lead spider, without too much outside the chain, a few OK. Ps: search outside, A5 high weight forum area can send the chain, the effect of very good. If the above method is not included, that recharge yellow, I do not know why?.

Keywords !

is keyword ranking should consider two things:


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