Why love Shanghai snapshot describing the contents and the actual page description does not match th

here to take a snapshot of love Shanghai grab description label with the actual content of the same example (there are many)

? December 8th article illustrates why love Shanghai snapshot didn’t catch title, description tag is not because of the content, but the reason is not caught out, but was caught but inconsistent with the actual reason manifest is not explained, such as the top 2 chart the phenomenon.

We know that



pictured above and below the page description clearly described in the contents of the label is not the same.

This is why

above 4 diagrams clearly illustrates the love Shanghai snapshot grab description tag does not match with the actual content of the real reason is not the wrong label content. What is the reason?


the picture below that case website first picture the above code is inside the frame, what table


table framework luantao led directly to the search engine spiders crawling efficiency and results, then take out the rest of the code text as soon as possible and actual text error. So this time love Shanghai compared to climb to obtain the text content and the content of description tags to the page if you meet, then the description label content, if the content of the page, then love Shanghai will automatically cut out a section of text as the most suitable for the description of the page. (love Shanghai this principle is to improve the search experience for users of

morning people ask embellish Ming Shanghai dragon, said the site updated daily articles are included, but why are included in the article title and description are inconsistent with the actual? Others are normal, love is not the same as Shanghai, I went to open it to the site to see, do not look do not know, you a jump. Not so low that cheating also asked Shanghai Longfeng labels why I love Shanghai grab and actual. I put the figure put out for everyone to see


The following is the description tag content


as follows

love Shanghai on table framework for web crawling is not compatible, but also from the principle of search engine, the first is the whole web crawling system download, then the text inside the extracted, through the analysis of the removal of HTML format, and then remove the noise, segmentation, and finally into the index library.


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