The content of the website to optimize operation process

search Changsha wedding photography, first.

is mainly for us now an improvement of the content on the website, if you are the new words we don’t need to be improved from the beginning of the new content can start, if is old station, before we have analyzed the industry users which have explicit demand and contact demand, we see how the same industry ranked in the first five the name of the site in the dominant demand situation, if not then we must through the content to meet the needs of the dominant industry users, if the industry user’s explicit demand before five are satisfied then we can see the hidden needs, again in contrast to contact to meet demand, till we find our own website that need to meet the needs of to do, starting from this demand high quality content. (for example: Changsha wedding photography)

How do we make

we have the same industry in the first four keywords ranking five websites out of their content segmentation and compare our own, to see what they did not meet our needs met, or we meet they did not meet these requirements, we have to record, this is the starting point we do content. For the top 20 websites in our cursory look at these sites to meet user demand.

content quality. A

2. existing web site content to improve

when we do the optimization we will face a series of problems, chain, chain, content, data and so on, which the content of the website is a big problem for many webmaster, then do the sometimes we don’t know what to do from the one hand, we do not know whether the content is the user need, when the content of some people that we should adhere to the original article to write their own, but some say false original every day to update, improve the speed and frequency of update, how do content, today to share with you the content of the website optimization operation process.

there is a saying in the content of this piece, we must first analyze our entire industry including our own website content quality is what kind of situation, find out the problems we can better solve the content problem.

1. peer quality content analysis and comparison of

better, we must first know our competitors in the quality of the content of what kind of a level above, in the end is good, we must put the web site content and our own peer comparison, if our industry content from other sites is not so good that our chance. In the end, we want to find out in what place, if the quality of the content industry is OK, we want to see the industry website in the content has no further meet the needs of users, if we do now industry content also meet the needs of users further, then we will see that we can develop the change cannot be made the difference of the content industry and industry.

analysis of

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