Google released link screening tool

" #" can write some descriptive text behind the no.. The tool allows ignore the entire site (such as second Domain: or 贵族宝贝baddomain贵族宝贝) is to list all the garbage chain URL (such as third), both of them can be used together, but to ensure that the upload txt files do not exceed 2M. The noble baby probably need weeks to submit information for review, and does not guarantee that the information provided must be addressed, still need to combine their independent judgment of the chain of the submitted. Generally speaking, there is no more than, in dealing with the garbage outside the chain, at least let us have a way to go. But I urge to contact the garbage outside the chain of the site owners, request to manually delete the junk the chain, there is no fruit to use this tool.

column, need what kind of site.

Bing released Link Disavow tools, so that thousands of Shanghai dragon Er looking noble baby Link Disavow tool also released 16 this month.

The following simple

because we are often difficult to determine whether a link for us to screen is absolutely harmful, in addition to the direct screening tool allows the entire site, probably due to misoperation caused by shielding in other sites can transfer the weights of the links, so that The loss outweighs the gain.. So please the webmaster must be careful and cautious, really understand what they are doing, to use this love hate Link Disavow tools.

general submission format as follows:



Domain: 贵族宝贝****贵族宝贝

first direct link address: tool Link Disavow Tool

Following the end of June

#We tried to remove the bad links on 29th Sept but resulted in vain.

baby aristocracy

called Link Disavow, refers to the information submitted by way of informing the nobility baby you don’t love to ignore some links. Usually some we want to remove hundreds of thousands of law but incapable of action of junk chain / station outside the chain, this time can come in handy this Link Disavow tools. But it is important to note that the Disavow effect is similar to the nofollow link, the original spam links still exist, may not be removed from the index database of the noble baby.

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