Fuxing the advantages and disadvantages of single page Taobao customers using the Shanghai Dragon

today, Taobao is the mainstream mode of making money online customers, more and more guest Wangzhuan owners joined Taobao promotion ranks, a data reported last month from Tencent technology channel can be obtained, the daily turnover mentioned now through Taobao alliance produced reports exceeded 36 million, divided into partners reached 3 million 500 thousand. There is such a success and the webmaster efforts are inseparable.

2, single page website promotion are simple, easy to maintain the daily management, the webmaster don’t look for a large number of products link in Taobao, Taobao stores comparing a large amount of data, as long as carefully selected 10 items of the link is enough, the time saved, the better to do site promotion

4, focus on effective audience, single page website, select the site title keywords, basically is the long tail key words more than 7 words, search intention is good, have a strong desire to buy, the conversion rate is relatively good

3, the Commission is high, single page websites are generally choose the most popular products, such as slimming, whitening, acne like, this kind of product per unit Commission in more than 100.

has these advantages:

6, a single page theme, people with lazy mood, does not need the suffering of their own selection in the goods in the ocean, has been compiled the list, that is good, easy to clinch a deal.

a coin has two sides, everything has a good side, also has bad side, Shanghai dragon do single page station although there are so many advantages, there is also lack.

5, website content update is easy, do not need a single page website of high quality articles, the data acquisition and pseudo original way, it is easy to write a lot of articles. Because the Shanghai dragon to optimize the single page Taobao guest website, have written the main role is to look to the search engines, not to the user.

1, single page website website construction simple, easy, do not need high technology, it is suitable for novice Wangzhuan network operation, a copy of the XX product standard list, replacement product pictures and Taobao customer promotion link, using zblog or WordPress station system, the single page and header, then complete a single station construction.

for Sina, love Shanghai, flow platform renren贵族宝贝 and other large customers to ban Taobao links, now mainstream Taobao customers, is through the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng single product Taobao station, for example, last year the most popular, most people do XX products list XX products, which is good, and this kind of the website, fell in love with the sea search this keyword, the top ten pages are the basic station. Because of the numerous advantages of single page, resulting in many Taobao customers. The biggest advantage of single page station I think is that you can view my customer focus to your products. The station is simple and fast construction.

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