Add Links is one of the indispensable content of the web site optimization ranking

website weight: a website weight is higher, then the search engine on your site’s recognition of the higher value, the higher the credibility of this website.

industry related products should be roughly equal. For example a WeChat keyword marketing website is Shenzhen WeChat marketing company, so we choose the industry when selecting the relevant website network marketing industry to exchange, the only way to add links to the website will bring about the biggest effect. If not even friends of the chain in is superfluous useless.

Links is one of the top specialist every day to do the work site optimization, website ranking is also one of the factors that determine the length of time, so to add Links can not be careless. Friends of the chain to quality rather than quantity.


in exchange Links, need to refer to many factors according to the website of the. Cattle Sichuan network service commissioner to introduce to you:

site: a collection of the more important part, a collection of good website, that information must have some value, instead of a website or website included poor internal information pseudo original, or is the website does not update the content.

website snapshot: snapshot update frequency, because a website snapshot date updated quickly, so that love Shanghai for its relatively high degree of recognition of the website information.

I am a Links exchange Commissioner, responsible for the daily dozens of hundreds of links to add, when exchanging links with other Links specialist, I found a problem. What they often do not have special requirements on the website, just want to be ranked on the line. Through the understanding, the boss every day to give them tasks, which need to change the station today Links today, want to change the number of provisions, if not complete the task will be punished. It’s no wonder they request to the website is not high, just to be able to complete the task on the line. If such a work attitude, in order to complete the task and work is of no value, contrary to the website not to mention.

In fact,

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