Su Di Kang Shanghai City Longfeng operation customer education

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article, "we should have a position, his insistence hat, responsible for the customer, is responsible for our own industry". Su Dikang believes that in addition to this position, we have the necessary customer education. Shanghai City Longfeng as first-line enterprises should pay more attention to "customer education, for their own, but also contribute to the development of the whole industry of Shanghai dragon. There are a lot of customer education, here we only introduce four kinds of low cost common way:

network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes that an important reason is the neglect of the customer education city of Shanghai Longfeng operation into a quagmire, the lack of popularity of Shanghai dragon to the traditional enterprise consciousness. For a long time, do not understand the traditional enterprise network marketing, and understand the network marketing of Shanghai Longfeng people do not understand the traditional enterprise, the two sides often appear "completely" situation in the negotiations. In A5, "Song Yanguo: Four" customers do network marketing have to face in an article, Song Yanguo introduced the four types of customers: type, type, utterly ignorant of, too preoccupied to modify the regular professional. This article is Changchun in a Afanda network marketing company to write, should be the company’s experience, which has a high reference value.

. Shanghai City Longfeng articles on the site, is the city of Shanghai Longfeng facade. Found in the actual survey, published nearly 90% articles on the website of Shanghai city dragon "unqualified". The main customers of city Shanghai Longfeng site is the need for site optimization of business owners. Then, the article published on the website, it should be for business owners. If the customer cannot read the article posted on the website, the meaning of existence of these articles and where is it? So, Shanghai City Longfeng site on the soft, should be more emphasis on customer education, popularization of Shanghai dragon to the customer value, and the specific technical details are not Shanghai dragon.

April 13, 2011, A5 appeared on the Internet titled "Zhu Zerong:" there is a huge gap between the enterprise and the traditional business of Shanghai Longfeng paper. The article pointed out that the Shanghai dragon circle and traditional business circle circle wrong, gradually developed into two circles of different, not contact each other, do not communicate with each other, completely closed, also is the "digital divide". But the two circles and circles both need each other resources, Shanghai dragon circles do not understand the business operations, business circles do not understand network marketing. The author believes that the solution to this problem is the popularity of Shanghai dragon to the traditional enterprise in the right way.

electronic books, 2. Electronic books, also called e-books. The electronic books in the information dissemination process of the role is very great. Shanghai City Longfeng website can provide some of their own creation, the main value to the enterprise of e-books, can greatly enhance their competitiveness. Pay attention to making the ebook, the most precious place book lies in its value, no value of the e-book is not someone spread. Secondly, e-books, pay attention to protect their copyright, recommend the use of PDF format, PDF format e-books is not easy.

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