The content of the website has been collected can change it

third, strengthen the construction of the chain to enhance the attractiveness of the spider. After the collection of content changes, the content of this for the love of Shanghai, is a new content, so you want to make these new content as soon as possible is love Shanghai included, this time on the need to enhance the attractiveness of the spider love Shanghai by building more chain, this will make the comparison of these love Shanghai content. After all, love Shanghai intelligent level is already quite high, if the website title content, and then compare the content has been included to know before the content is slightly modified, and then make love.

so for these have included the contents of the revision will face no small risk, but if master the correct method can still achieve the best effect of change, which can make the content to be included, the Xinhua information, but also reduce the workload and increase work efficiency.

but we know that the site after the content has been included, once changed, will face greater risk, because when these have included the content changes, the content will be the love of spiders in Shanghai index, and then make a comparative analysis and database, and then decided to modify these new content as well as the contents of the database whether can be included, if the modification is not good, it is easy to cause the loss of the original included content, while the new revisions are not included.

second, can not have included the contents of volume change. We need to understand the changes have included content is a compelling behavior, in fact, will face greater risk, if will have included content of volume change, and that it can be collected before the content can be repeatedly included, increase website content exposure, according to the idea of this optimization is to do. It is easy to be in love with the sea K station, after all changes too frequently will let love Shanghai think you are cheating. So once the website be punished will face extremely serious consequences.

web content has been included in Shanghai love, so in this case the content can also change? Maybe the question is a bit redundant, because when the content of the website has been included, will bring great help to the site, then we have to change the content, not a bit superfluous! But the fact some of the content, or to modify the design, especially for some of the soft nature of the content, the content related to the content of the advertisement has expired, this time through the appropriate changes, also can continue to play advertising effect.

first, change the amplitude of moderation. If you have a collection of content need to be changed in large area, on the one hand, and re write the original content almost, so there is not much sense, in fact can be outside the chain, as well as local content change, at the same time should pay attention to focus on these web pages do not modify the title, otherwise it is easy to cause these changes modest content is love Shanghai spider think is to repeat the contents of a large number of updates, thereby reducing the evaluation of the site, and even lead to the site was K.

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