Some improvement should pay attention to the chain of a website

The number of

4. do not contribute some readability is not high, so as not to be through.

2. pseudo original, also is a copy of the article, and then change the look, this is not being passed by.

actually I personally love second. Because of this, the success of the soft can contribute to the site itself number outside the chain is very good, and stable quality. However, we should also should pay attention to the following:

actually I think as long as the original article is, as long as the site is consistent with the contents of the article, the readability of the article, it is absolutely will be through the examination.

1. various forums, the blog, and classification of information website and message posting.

Please do not submit and Please don’t

3. website text is not consistent with the article, this is not the audited.

2. the

5. to their original and website content related articles, this is the most easy to pass through.

when you send the chain, how should we go to the post and message, it also has the skill. Why do some people posting with good results, and some people posting and message, each finished and the message will be deleted? When everyone in the post and message should pay attention to, AD behavior, now most of them have a forum forum signature, the things to everyone widely use and effect good. Please don’t cheat. For example, that is to say, in the US, the message time, please do not modify the text and the address of the font size, also don’t hide text and address. This is cheating, the search engine is see, this is cheating will be. The light is right down, will be K.

although many people are now in the hair of the chain, but are not stable, quality is not high. Why don’t we go to send some outside the chain of high quality, so the site itself is very good. High quality of the chain in fact I think write text can contribute to it, a successful submission, several times more than you go to the forum and blog post, message. The breadth of the chain.


love Shanghai in the new year, made a big update. A website I help a friend to do the chain, overnight from the original 4800 instantly fell to 88. See the number of this morning, I am sad. Later I learned that love Shanghai updated. But Never mind, we should insist on. Because the persistence is victory. Below I is, how kind can increase the number of a web site outside of the chain? In my opinion, the following points, and is now a lot of new Adsense is not pay attention to the place:

now has a lot of.

1. please do not directly copy the article to contribute to others. This is not to be through the.

3. high quality of the chain is more than one hundred garbage chain.

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