When Taobao guest website is tampered with PD how to do

is generally people can through the web site leak >

The Taobao

The Taobao

passenger tampered PID Taobao guest website is using WordPress to build, the main push of a single high commission products. All the guests are also linked with Taobao advertising click statistics logo, these days to view real-time data through advertising system when I found a subtle change, so I open the product promotion page, click on the promotion product on the PID in the browser, the browser PID has already become the people. The following figure:


this is the author of a Taobao customer account pid


passenger has been one of the more popular Wangzhuan project, and PID is the Taobao Alliance for the identification code of each account is equipped with a unique PID, any Taobao customer account. Because of this, some criminals will be thinking about some crooked ways PID is replaced by tampering with their PID to steal other people’s work. When your Taobao PID passenger has been tampered with, all efforts would be in vain.

tampering with the author of PID is good, I open the product page to view a web page source code that only modify a link, the author of a general product promotion link basically reached 3, but he only changes to one place, hope this is not easy to find others, long-term takings. The following figure:

, a website vulnerabilities exist, hackers attack

PID is off others to modify, further reflects the existence of high risk your site’s vulnerability is not only because the website being attacked, there may be a Taobao customer program itself back and let people have a hole drilling. When your Taobao PID passenger has been tampered with, what should we do? Should be timely and effective to reduce losses through what channels? To solve the Taobao off site was tampered with PID, we should find the problem, to solve the problem of finding the appropriate method to remedy. The author believes that the site has been tampered with the general PID is most likely the site caused by the following three points.




just launched shortly after Taobao PID off other tampering events before Taobao off, before someone broke through the browser plugin malicious hijacking pid. Later someone broke the news that website was attacked, Taobao PID has been modified off. The author of a website has also recently been through the attack backstage tampering with PID, resulting in the station’s revenue continued to decline, fortunately discovered in time, and properly modified to make up for the loss.

can see, promotion link has been replaced by others

PID has been tampered with this guy pid

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