The enterprise website how to do the chain

The distribution of the

suggested that each site contains at least a few high weight chain platform, such as: love Shanghai products, road passenger Baba, Sina and Douding (ask).

chain must be understoodKeywords:

: if you add pre chain quickly, then later slow down, the site is easy to drop the right weight, for up to the site outside the chain can be reduced, but the slow reduction, 10 can be reduced to 5, the last day of 3, to ensure stability chain.

news release, the next day to remember to check the previously released news are not included, record. >


released the chain platform to the chain and related industries; the reasons included: fast, long survival time, high weight. Do not use the brush tool chain



1 anchor text and hyperlinks, can click into the website. The anchor text can directly tell the search engines what he refers to the page, what you want to say.

3: the text is the link text. From the form and function, its role is minimal, but it is most easily released.

release of the chain and the site add news is the same, which can be in the chain at the bottom of the content label, this article is reproduced in the keyword + web site (the home page or web pages can be).

is the first to find included quickly, can add hyperlinks, anchor text, text platform, and then find a good account registered in the platform, and improve the data. (because we usually registered account more, it is recommended that you create a table to record)


in the chain, do not copy from the site of the recently released news, otherwise easily lead to the chain first included, on the site after the news included or not included, this caused on the site was originally the original news, but not the original.

chain of Shanghai Dragon: a lot of Er always do the chain in one or a few sites, the chain that is too concentrated, it is best not to do that, we often do the chain is mainly distributed in the forums, blogs, classification of information, B2B website and so on, in the number of trying to find some different website. The distribution of the quality and quantity of the natural, so the structure of the chain are more help to improve website weight.

released the chain need to pay attention to

2: hypertext links from one page to another page directly, but his form of text links.



released the chain frequency: for new sites, not too fast, especially the chain quality is not high, multiple useless, generally every 10 high quality of the chain on the line.

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