From the love Shanghai love Shanghai PPC search user experience

for this small change, the webmaster also discussed, I personally think that love Shanghai’s image search results with a "real"


for such a high index of the word, love Shanghai bidding system is the front page of the sixty percent page get in by every opening, are to the auction site, more than the circle the two, there are several auction website home page hung in there, to talk about the content of these sites and how to talk about love, do not give users in Shanghai good experience, because I am Shanghai dragon Er, analysis of user experience may be one-sided, so I randomly let me some non industry QQ friends searched for the word, ask them on the first page of search results feeling, a friend said I was very impressed: how so many things out of order? Did I know what he said is out of order is the bidding website, he always thought that bidding website is not so good to website. What is the site to charges. Usual Shanghai love him, never stand before these! Not in the back line, do not understand why will have these sites, is never point into these sites. Other friends are mixed, here is not to do paralepsis.

sad ah!


Chinese in today’s Internet environment, many Shanghai dragon Er are indeed miserable, a dominant pattern for many rely on search engine websites only choose to love Shanghai, from design to web content deployment planning to love Shanghai in strict accordance with the requirements to do, has formed the majority of sites are similar in style, the content of the website in the phenomenon of the past "love Shanghai, You’ll see." now became "love Shanghai, you do not know".

a reality in the ordinary users would think that love Shanghai auction site is garbage sites, not in, this is really love Shanghai for

because of the approaching eleven, is the author in Wuhan and the introduction of the new policy, not a statutory holiday toll charges. Naturally, the Wuhan local car rental business is fire in a complete mess, then the term "Wuhan car" will also rise for hot words. The search for "Wuhan car", found the word really hot, photo card:


look at the love of a recent change in Shanghai, love Shanghai pictures, random search keywords will be found and the past is different, the results also have the bidding website:

is getting better?

today, I want to talk about the love of Shanghai in the end is to play or play with the user in the webmaster, the user experience is really like his statement that

love Shanghai has always stressed that the user experience, it also requires the webmaster ranking in the sex of Shanghai also enhance the user experience. I really love the sea has been in progress? It’s user experience is to do good

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