How do we do website optimization home user satisfaction

second, analysis of site navigation we should set up the differences in the. I found that many enterprises in the process of setting their own website navigation pages, many of which are in the same way, common, products, business news, company profile, contact, this situation will inevitably enter into a fixed pattern, the author suggests that if their companies own products the type is rich, we can use the two navigation mode, in addition to the basic information display, can also be the enterprise some outstanding products or services with reflected by the double difference site navigation, how to display, navigation settings is one of the most important points of the details, so when the site navigation setting. The difference must be from our peers or competitors of the show, this is our site navigation process can be set in To learn or thinking problems.

first, home users satisfaction home satisfaction definition. The user satisfaction refers to the user in the search, we give the results page can meet the core needs of users. Here we must pay attention to the core of the key words, must take the needs of users the most intense layout in the home, put some secondary needs such as auxiliary keywords or long tail word layout to the inside pages. The home to meet the user needs of whether we want to practice through those details? Title for keywords must be carefully chosen, keywords layout must not perfection in the title. Because we know that the site title is the key to the core of the website optimization process, although the title is the site of the highest weight concentration, but not in order to optimize the resulting Title spread the weight of our core keyword, this is the first point.

site optimization process in Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect period mainly depends on the site to meet the needs of users, the site update frequency and the site itself in the credit degree of the search engine, as a website whether new or old station, must hold a key point, the website whether meet the user’s core needs we should analyze and adjust how is I hope and the community together to discuss problems.

third, the key is the layout of the page we enhance the user satisfaction. How do we layout our own website, is undoubtedly to the core needs of users and secondary needs detailed thinking and analysis, because only you know best enterprise products, the user needs to understand what is their own business products for? As a webmaster I suggest we can draw out the core requirements and secondary needs of users the sketch form, can make use of PS or paperdocuments draft, after the analysis of these requirements, will be set according to user needs to carry out the layout of the page, such as the enterprise site may user attention to product display, what is the difference of the product and feature? Secondary demand might be web users are concerned in the understanding of the product in the process of product price, usage and purchase process,.

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