Experience how to do the site’s search engine optimization

5. internal links

6. external links

1. to service users of

is now the Internet era, the original important works. Love Shanghai recently launched a "spark plan", is a kind of measures for the protection of the original works. The web page for those sneaky tricks, copy and paste, search engine is extremely disgusting, don’t it included. Want to be included in the original works, which is very important.

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external links relative internal links is not so important, but also very necessary external links. A no external links to the site, like an island, it is difficult to find the search engine spiders. The advantages are: to increase the external links the site is included in the pages of the website, improve the relevance and authority, it is necessary to the website of the external links. < >



recently, some people always complain about my website to do search engine optimization more difficult. In this regard, I have a deep feeling. The following is my long-term contact with the search engine experience, share with you.

2. ensure the original

title on a website is very important? First of all, the title display is the main content of your web site, and the search engine to find your site, to judge the content on your site, see first is your website title, then the user is content. Therefore, an accurate and attractive website title, is very important.

used to be considered: "chain is king, the chain for emperor", and now it seems that external links relative internal links on a website it is not so important. The internal links from one page to another page, which is an internal link, thus forming a flat tree network structure of the website, so as to improve the efficiency of search engines crawl complete web pages, improve the user experience.

Although the Keywords

keyword is very useful, it can help users and search engines to find our website, has a certain rank in some search page. Keywords the weight of the site, from high to low is the home page, navigation and content pages. When we do external links, usually put links to the home page, so the highest weight. From the home page navigation bar than the content page to the past, so the weight is relatively high. The content page is far away from the home page, the weight is low, so the content page should be as close to home.

search engine is to help users to find relevant information, to provide users with services. The relation between search engine and users, as the boat and water. The boat out of the water could not walk away, the search engine users, will lose the value of existence. Those who love the web users, search engines don’t dare not to love. In order to create a let users love the site, is the basic starting point of our website.

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