Google crazy subversion of the world’s top secret files


is always the new representative, is the innovation to create wealth, it seems for Google, never missing is crazy! Once Google and Google glasses, advanced design has been amazing, and his amazing is that he can always bring disruptive innovation.

in the laboratory, basically every year to the total development budget of $7 billion, seems to be for Google, every project is a huge gamble, can try a luxurious failure, may also become a subversion of the wonders of the world, the concept of innovation to change the world to Google different with other companies, remember, Taylor once said, "if one day, he took a time machine to the page’s office, plugged back in time, Paige also not praise him, asked: why will it be better not plugged in?

top secret lab

if you don’t need not better energy

balloon wireless network coverage of global

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is the Google continue to subvert innovation, idea and pursuit of a miracle, let Google on the road in the future, will be more successful, because it lets people know that "Nothing is impossible"

Google launched the "project Loon" the ultimate goal is to provide free wireless Internet world, with countless balloons flying on the stratospheric composition of refraction network, provide network signal to live below the residents, in a balloon suspended below a few day like solar panels in a small desk, just need the sun four small hours, the use of solar cells will be available for all day long. The way of signal reception is varied, the most easy to use Google receiver can receive, and much less than the cost of laying cables. However, Google is not a great philanthropist, called the Google the world’s largest advertising company, the average Internet users each year will bring $20 in advertising revenue for him, and let the global network coverage, also means that Google will have a higher income.

I do not know if you can imagine, in a driverless car, playing with Google glasses, that is what a strange thing, in 2010, Google set up a special laboratory for invention research, said security laboratory is very strict, only the Department of personnel before entering. Regret hanging "be careful with the people behind you" this warning signs behind every door. The cabin are said to robot, ran out of food, the refrigerator can automatically online shopping, brand can automatically publish pictures of food and nutrition to the site, the creation of this laboratory are not intended for the company’s search engine can be improved, but to subvert the whole world of innovation, to create more wealth.


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