The sword partial peak keywords offbeat competition technique

Obsession way to meet the needs of Internet users search habits

four typos: people often play typos, premise of using this feature users is that your words must be error prone character words, for example: "Shanghai agent", people often search for "Shanghai agency" or "Shanghai agent account", if the keyword is as we all know, even if you made the wrong character is useless, because the possibility of the words of others typo is very small.

, a local dialect: for example, to find such a word "Shanghai Advertising Limited which good", then by the impact of local dialects, often appear in several different search terms: Shanghai Advertising Limited which good (Shanghai), Shanghai Advertising Limited which good (Hong Kong people).

Obsession view – offbeat competitive advantage

three: typing speed typing speed too fast, error prone, search for "Shanghai butterfly friend financial studio", if your typing speed is too fast, often in the middle will be more of a space, such as "Shanghai butterfly friend financial studio", or will the input automatically match the words inserted in, for example "Shanghai South butterfly friend financial studio" these are possible.

just need a large proportion of the main keywords: if it is normal, then search it is not necessarily a customer, but most are peers or "sauce", which I believe we all.


we all know whether looking for keywords or keyword selection, considering the Internet search habits is an important reference factor, and we know that the influence of the Internet search habits by their daily habits, local dialect, culture degree, typing habits and other reasons and different, based on this idea, we are looking for a word can often be calculated some find no word tool, but there may be people search words, the following contents in our list of the.

many of our Shanghai dragon do keyword in the selection, there are several popular keywords in the industry choose to fight ranking, this is the right thing to do, but we are not apart from doing so, also forget things, is there other ways you can do the ranking and optimization efforts spent can not optimize the main keywords half? Today’s article, Obsession spoke of a knowledge for everyone: Keywords offbeat competition technique. Welcome to visit my column.

two typing habits: some typing habits will cause the different search terms, such as "Shanghai finance company", some people play Pinyin input method, but not cut up and turned into a "shanghaicaiwugongsi", and who did not choose the Pinyin phrase, it is easy to become the "Shanghai property company" etc.. Don’t say those not good at typing, even every day we are typing Shanghai dragon often appear such mistakes.

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