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, simply say, it is equivalent to your credit rating. Credit rating can decide whether or not you have your eligibility for loans and loan interest rates will be much, but the quality will decide you need to pay per click advertising money. The quality of quality is on the search engine keywords and PPC advertising and relevance rating, is the product of CPC and the largest advertisers bidding. It can determine the advertising rankings in advertising auction process. Usually, the quality level depends on many factors, these factors include the click rate (CTR), the quality of the correlation degree, the landing page of each keyword and promotion group and keyword relevance, advertising text and keywords relevant degree and PPC account of the historical data and performance.

generally, the higher the degree of quality, each conversion costs will be lower. And, the high quality of search engine also means that you, your PPC advertising meets the needs of potential customers. If your PPC advertising more to meet the expected demand, the search engine will be on your ad Click for less cost.

Through the analysis of

In view of the quality of

specific for each factor value in the calculation of the quality of the search engine in geometry, in addition to employees, no one knows, but we know that the click rate is one of the most important factors. When many people see your ads and click on it, so the visitor behavior can be understood as the Google advertising and users of your search terms and is friendly to users as a reward, Google will give you over the front of the advertising ranking and low advertising cost.

In view of the quality of

can determine the PPC ads will show the position and how long a show, so continue to improve in order to improve the ranking of important advertising account. Here, to improve the quality of account.

to thousands of PPC accounts, we found that directly affect the quality of success of PPC accounts. Through the optimization of the quality, you will find that you are more for their ROI. Because of the high quality and low cost is directly linked to the transformation time. Of course, each conversion cost and cost per click is two different concepts. Each transformation cost is not you should pay for every click, but when visitors are what you want to pay Party behavior, these behaviors can be registered for free, to purchase a product or service. Because not every click can bring about a transformation, so each transformation cost is usually better than the high cost per click. However, high quality will also reduce the cost and time cost per click conversion.

premium has a great impact on the search cost and effect promotion plan, if you try to manage a PPC account, then it must be on the quality of a deep understanding. Today, the morning tea win search station will share with you some quality related to the dry cargo.

What is the quality of

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