Warning ‘fight’ out of the Shanghai Dragon

user experience from my site has been listening to a lot to say, perhaps now there are many webmaster do not understand, always thought that the user experience is to do everything possible to please the user, allowing users to experience the process of Web site in convenient and comfortable. This is only our understanding of one aspect of the user experience, we walked in and ranked, than the user experience than experience value, after all these is the ratio of web content, see who wrote to the user in the search for maximum effect, so simple. This is my understanding of the user experience, therefore, the fight is the most fundamental content of the site, you have value, "profitable", with the user experience can be considered.

not only opportunistic, around the Shanghai dragon


my first website, has done almost 3 months (from the beginning to write the first article) also felt inside the sad affliction, every day to write the hair of the chain, in addition to eat at home on the toilet is the site. Sometimes you think the same is in the website, why I do so tired so miserable? Nay, I worked hard to do this for several months, but also feel sorry what love about Shanghai is a serious step by step through, occasionally stole lazy, can the original love Shanghai? 1 to 0 weight, direct right down (this’s.) I really want to know why this is? The lower right may also give some hints for me: your station is not good enough, we have not reached the standard. It can also let me go to the right direction to develop their own websites. As a webmaster to their website, but every day there are only a few things, in addition to ranking or ranking, in my opinion, our website ranking is to rely on our own Shanghai dragon shidashi spell out, there is no trick, want to rely on his own cleverness in the website optimization, the short line. You will not get a long-term development, because of the love of Shanghai is too smart, you know, I understand.

user experience is: Web content can give users much benefit, at the same time, there is also the site of the lifeline.


I get up every day first thing in the morning is the first site site, check the chain, and then look at their station to how much traffic and so on, I think this is many webmaster do! This is a station of life, can not say that the machinery, but also the repetitive work, is to train a person. Now there are a lot of people don’t want to find a job, figure easily added to our webmaster industry, some dream of being rich, give myself a month how much money the money? Do not say first, there are a few real stick. In particular, the optimization of website, there are a lot of people is a kind of luck, always eager to (I too, want to hurry to buy black chain single) and get the keyword, I used to do so also not qualified to preach you, but I still want to talk about their own views, stationmaster is the real deal the Shanghai dragon to do it, not what the trick, website >

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