How to share the website of Shanghai Dragon little knowledge

for a Shanghai dragon blind, you told him that he did not understand the professional knowledge, how to use an analogy to explain to him: "your name is Zhu Datong (hey, of course, can not use real name, just from a bar), you see you, eight meters, more than 220 pounds. Beer belly, big and tall, face is round, it is very good that a person. But then one day a week, there is a very thin, very handsome face, seven meters, more than 130 pounds, a good old people to see how, and how, hey, buddy in the street, I am Zhu Datong! Do you think what I would feel at the time? "

what seems a little friends come, suddenly shouted: "I this short oil well, listen to what you said, this is really serious!" it is not obvious what, just know you fall in love with the sea, you had a week to give your site suddenly the whole volume, and possibly even the figure has changed (add a few column page ah Pro) you call this love Shanghai, how do you see? Love will not let Shanghai feel like playing with him? Even if love Shanghai know your website for one or two months, may have been more ripe, you suddenly let the whole what. Shanghai love also may not be able to recognize you on this website.

yesterday a friend told how to chat when asked about the website of things, it is also a friend of Shanghai dragon blind, he is very angry with you complain: "I do not give my website is a few columns changed a few columns, how to love in Shanghai to see my website!" at that time but expression is really a bit dumbfounding website, such a big thing, he did not say to me, he said, this website, on-line less than 10 days, first submitted the old not included, but then he came to help, no way, what a spider the chain submission of a A5, he received his second home page (the content of the website is to teach him how to get, is to get some customer case and pseudo original and new news, he recruited a website editor, web content is made Also, he was also surprised) as the man of God: "Hey, so much!" this is not included home for more than 5 days, this man gave him a big website to be in love with the sea rectification, K is really too normal.

In fact,

a time he did not react to this story what is the relationship with the revision of his site, but did not wait for him to answer, she directly tell it: "I certainly think you are what ah Zhu Datong, in addition to your name as like as two peas with my buddy, basically no where I like that Zhuge. Then the little boy and came to me and said hello, but, I am your Zhuge ah, why don’t you recognize me? I know your sister ah, you fucking have the whole plastic surgery in such a way, what do you want me to meet you! "

for the majority of new entrants to the Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster, the importance of website have heard a lot of people, a lot of revision is avoided as dangerous for the website, the website that is really.

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