Keywords website optimization difficulty judging Magic Competition


3, bid number

When the

several major search engines provide tools to make ads before you can see the general > a keyword

often bidding number most directly reflects a key competitive level, because the words are generally in the auction business after careful study, all have very high value of the word. If the bid only about one or two words, the word competition generally, if more than three words, so the competition will be fierce. Because the Internet has a classic: "only have Sancai flow", also a core keywords, the top three to tenth of the traffic flow and more than fourth.

but to note here is the number for some sensitive words, if you search for lottery program development of keywords, no love of Shanghai auction, is not to say that the key is not competitive, but also love Shanghai lottery banning such words do the bidding.

intitle: the search results page instruction number are keywords appear in the title page, this is the real competitors. If you intitle: lottery program, according to the analysis of the keyword search results the intensity of competition.

The number of

website optimization process of how to judge the key competition difficulty is the basic work of optimization must be done, only know the difficulty of optimization and the strength of the opponent to be aware of, to pave the way for the following optimization implementation. Xiaofeng lottery program development company to answer your keywords difficulty judging magic competition.


1, the number of pages

search related words, such as search keywords lottery program development, the upper right corner will be listed in the relevant page returns the total number of keywords. This value is calculated that the search engine and search words, all the relevant page. It is the key of all competition page. Can the number from the search results to refer to, search a comprehensive search of the mainstream search engine at present in Shanghai, 360 of the love in the page below, Google in the above.

choose the most core requirements is the search number, a small degree of competition. The competition is judged it is much more complicated. Below is a list of several factors can be used to determine the keywords competition difficulty.

4, the auction price of

number is below 100 thousand, indicating the degree of competition, seriously do a station, do not need to deliberately do Shanghai dragon will have good rankings. When the number of hundreds of thousands, shows that the word has a certain degree of difficulty, the optimization of the word need a quality and weight are good sites to compete. When the number of millions, the keyword is entered the thermal threshold, at this time Shanghai dragon requires a lot of expansion, seriously do within the chain and external links. Some words appears to result in number, but the commercial value of the high degree of competition will be very large.

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