Shanghai dragon and the combination of SEM will be really happy

With ?

and Shanghai dragon? Simply divided into two kinds, the first kind is pure grass root, is simply the hair of the chain, like the bottom of Pyramid, occupies 70% or more of the way, the second is grass root waiting for the counter attack, are generally some Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, Shanghai Longfeng manager or personal webmaster (pure personal webmaster is in fact not much, because it is difficult to make money, do Taobao). Here you can frankly counterattack grass root is in fact essentially is not worse than SEM, one is looking for outsourcing, one is a bunch of younger working, diverse and complex analysis tools, but cannot do without the webmaster statistics, love Shanghai statistics and the like, non mainstream point such as Sonata, light, clear, and basic data analysis in a close relationship, none of which does not reflect the grass root for the counter attack of the Shanghai dragon are tall.

started out even the difference between Shanghai dragon and SEM are not clear, in fact, until today, still very fuzzy boundaries, predecessors said, Shanghai dragon is the bottom of grass root youth, SEM is the data control high handsome rich. Because IT, oh no, more accurately speaking on the website, there is the true saying to persons in the world of grass root, therefore may wish to explore the combination of grass root Shanghai dragon with rich handsome SEM may.

so here the recommendations of the Shanghai dragon and pseudo SEM this seemingly bright Rome Avenue, if a program to understand, understand the operation, understand the user experience, and understand the data analysis of Shanghai dragon born, Shanghai dragon is not henceforth can re energized, their own masters

maybe the answer is disappointing, if SEM is to do the data analysis of the ultimate.

SEM is in a search engine promotion title, the funny thing is most people love the Shanghai dragon and SEM are called the promotion, SEM every day is around the data to start, of course, they have a housekeeping skills, the calculation formula of statistical data is EXCEL, is not so simple add, subtract, multiply and divide oh, related to the function of various niubable, for grass root Shanghai dragon, it is unable to match the height. For a large number of sites, a key vocabulary of the tens of thousands, or even tens of thousands, every day through the love of Shanghai for the background or some other search engine background combined with various function formula, continuous analysis of the many trends and keywords matching degree and various creative Niubi, so as to formulate the perfect keywords pool, Frank that good feeling is very boring.

as the Shanghai dragon evolution, began to shake off the hair of the chain of destiny webmaster website structure about ah, site audience classification, site traffic source, website user experience and so on, in fact not much good to say, there are some grades of sites which get round grass root on Dragon Feng who said? Program we have a product manager, ape, UI design, a specialist, site testing, planning, which not more than 1000 times the strong Shanghai dragon.

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