Shanghai dragon Er should have the attitude of enthusiasm and clarity

third, the optimization is not a very important way to adjust. Although we have made the website optimization.

, as a new optimization, everybody wants to own as fast as possible to enhance their own, let your site weight and ranking has a relatively good performance, in my opinion, the optimization itself is a technology live, based our attitude in work and enthusiasm at the beginning of clear thinking is to optimize the work well carry out, try to adjust and improve, through continuous improvement error error is found, in order to achieve their own website promotion, so, how should we look at the optimization of

We know that

second, continue to obtain useful data based optimization. Website optimization than love more difficult, may love and you together after the girl friend little or no, but when you have to face the website optimization of the peer site, such as master, how can we let you work more efficiently? Well, optimization of data is a collection of basic, no matter is a new station or to the site, when we took over the site to start a first analysis of web based data, for example, domain name age, included conditions, the quality of the chain and distribution platform, secondly, we should understand our competitors, match the quality of the site, included, to go beyond the others will pay more than others, if it is new we should strengthen in these deficiencies, through data analysis to understand the status of themselves and each other Later, we will make a detailed plan and process optimization, on a weekly, monthly and quarterly etc. as a unit, each time node we want what you want to achieve the optimization goal, to detailed list and careful planning.

first, holding the love attitude towards the optimization work. Talk about what love is, especially when the boys meet her heart that she was " " time, may we will find many ways to get close to her, understand her, such as the basic information of the other party, family, in each other’s circle of friends, all want more to understand the other character, active the pursuit of the success rate is high, so, love is a kind of the most willing to pay for each other move, so optimization is also in my opinion, if you really love the optimization of this industry, then, object site users and search engines is that we want to understand, imagine a relationship you will cheat you right


certainly not, we call the website optimization is to get to know each other and provide other needed things, such as high-quality content, the layout, some high quality chain exchange are the basis of operating their own site we continuously upgrade, establish their own optimization concept for customer service of a cut, as it is in love we pay for each other is not care about returns exactly the same, in love we’d rather be a cockroach, then, why don’t we optimize a site to persevere, to hold for the sake of users the idea to do

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