Shanghai Longfeng details sharing pay more attention to key words in the text


in the usual process of Shanghai dragon, we are most concerned about is the position and the number of keywords, such as title contains keywords, whether the use of external links anchor text keywords, such as internal links is to use key words as anchor text links to each other, these are in the Shanghai dragon is the major content. In peacetime, there are also many articles to introduce these contents, today I share with you is the focus of Shanghai dragon is another detail, that is to pay more attention to key words in the text.

naturally into the best page in the course into the best, do Shanghai dragon before, keywords appear more, then the correlation will be bigger, is also very easy to get good rankings, but with the development of the search engine has no longer valued off the density and frequency of key words, too much attention to key words the density and frequency have no meaning, as long as it is reasonable to integrate, we don’t have to worry about. Some words are not only the core keywords, long tail word or phrase are contained in the core keywords, into such a situation is natural.

Don’t split

display resolution words in the text: if some words can be split, so in the front in addition to display the full keywords, also need to continuously appear after several split words in the article, of course, this is not necessary, just do a best advice. When in writing, after the split words placed in the paper, the equivalent of the whole content throughout the words. In the usual writing, as long as a word of the Hussite according to the original.

pay more attention to changes in key words, also do not need to use the core keywords in the text, sometimes synonyms or near synonyms can also appear in the text, sometimes when the user search is not search the core of your web site designated key words, synonyms, he may have to search your site furthermore, the keyword of the website search engine will cause all doubt in the right position, plus some synonyms seemed natural.

Key words:

best forward: do a lot of Shanghai dragon veteran advocate keywords in the text on the best, the best is within the first 50 or 100 words best, I also very much agree with this view, that the best first sentence best appeared. But if you write the original article, when the very nature of the emergence of the word, like writing papers, the first is to put forward the argument, the general argument is the title of the website, and the title will certainly into key.

cannot split: love Shanghai has its own unique Chinese segmentation algorithm, so a lot of keywords can be split, but some words cannot be split or not to split, such as "search engine" these four words, after the split means change. Especially in the user search a word, if the word can be split, then the search results are acceptable, if not split, then the search results and you want to have a very big gap.


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