The K site was analyzed and summarized


site specific performance: since the 22 local website revision No. 23, site, domain is not in the home.

above is in the love of Shanghai’s ranking, other search engines show normal.


site is K of

may have led to the use of safton mass B2B information by K, is now ready to study this part of the chain link and intends to use the method of shielding shielding spam links. This method is effective for a period of 20 days.


website without any rank (except itself.)


website technology news and Industry Forum on the Internet is a dynamic collection of duplicate articles. But at present.

Specific performance:

until 25, all keywords (including brand word) began to search.

the main keywords, no brand keywords ranking.

a week later (May 2nd), the website revised back to the initial state. In May 3rd, the site of a series of keywords ranking (except for the large recovery of steel structure). Ranking from 9 in the morning to the afternoon to be around 3 and disappeared in the 100 after.

website snapshot also suspended in 22. Until the 24 drop site restores the previous version (25 revision period became like), love Shanghai snapshot update to 23 and then stopped in 23 after a few days to normal update.

ranked No. 23 by the keyword "industry" and all industry words related to long tail keywords fell into after 100th (there are a few sporadic a fish escaped through the Seine). The affiliated industry word etc. related keywords or in the original ranking did not move.

The fastest

growth link website for Alibaba and Marco Polo, now the chain shield. The hair with the container housing site directly by K, but the paint and other sites have not been K, so you can rule out the two B2B platform

can directly enter the URL of the website home page, and the next snapshot.

from now on, no rise in Web site keywords. Among the only "brand word" keywords maintained at between 30-90. The home page never achieved the ranking.

website long tail keywords are mostly in between 600-800, a long tail is still in situ.


rapid growth of

acquisition station

has tested before the domain name of the website for the 301 release. Check to see if the error code number.

External links

site, domain website is often not at first.


website code itself

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