You are still making stationmaster junk the chain

3, in the end what kind of chain is the high quality of the chain, when the release of the chain should pay attention to what

2, outside the chain of high quality do not know where to start

Since the on-line self

a, the chain of correlationThe correlation between


, also refers to the other site contents and theme are related and their websites, this reflects the most place is Links, the correlation is stronger, so the link to our website as a station > me for example

1, the long-term inertia caused by

love Shanghai in the announcement made clear what the chain is "invalid chain", the so-called "junk chain", but according to Xiao Bian observed, many people still is still a lot of publishing this garbage outside the chain, Shanghai love explained clearly that the chain will be " automatic filtering; ", why many people still do these useless " "? The reason I wanted to have the following:

is a high quality of the chain, can replace dozens or even hundreds of low quality of the chain, the reason I think every webmaster friends all know, but when it comes to the high quality of the chain, but let these small flinch, I do not know where to start, but we can not give up, what have a beginning, everything is hard in the beginning, as long as over this period, I think we also can adapt to environmental changes, to believe that others can do, we also can do, only in this way, our website can be development and growth.

has many webmaster friends put some high weight forum as the main way of the chain, according to Xiao Bian observed, some websites, even outside the chain of 50%-80% are derived from the BBS signature, the way the chain so long, suddenly can not find good outside chain, resulting in many small owners are still doing this Forum outside the chain, the chain we all want to publish high quality, but the chain and high quality is very difficult to do, caused A5 to cancel the forum signature, to make a lot of BBS signature for the chain webmaster friends first suspicious and uneasy, but it can not be denied is that even if the chain so useless, but I believe that more or less can increase the diversity of the website chain, love Shanghai filter, there are many other search engines, there is still a little bit more or less Use, but not as the main chain.


Shanghai algorithm many websites are Scindapsus, more or less affected, A5 has cancelled the signature function, which makes a lot of so-called " released by the Forum; garbage chain " people, is not a small blow, but instead of complaining, still be inferior to their job well, this is the inevitable result of the development of the network, we believe that all the efforts and search engine adjustment is to users, improve the user experience, is our common pursuit.

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