The website in order not to be eliminated must create independent brand value

early publicity in a web site, is often difficult, especially influential, popular point is to our web site traffic, another is how to not affect the user experience, improve the conversion rate of the site, let site can we make money. These are difficult, but also for the brand value of the problem, not just to say, we should formulate strategic objectives, to the real implementation, this is the most critical issue.

is for the value of a website, is undoubtedly good to attract users to access, which is relatively one-sided. If I want my own website to long-term survival, not to be eliminated by the search engine, it is necessary to create extraordinary influence for their own website, that is the creation of independent brands, do really affect the industry site.

pull a little far above, let’s talk about how to build the brand of its own website, a valuable website.

is now the Internet is provided free of charge based on the valuable information, allows users to put it down, and now people are more dependent on the internet. Then the information free of charge for the network, how can we return? This is a lot of traffic but low income owners team are facing difficulties, in fact, at this time, we can follow the same year taobao贵族宝贝 to free shops to attract shops who are settled in, into today’s various train, Tmall and other charges form.

we all know to build a brand is not a short duration of time can be, we need long-term accumulation of users, and allows users to truly love our website or product, so as to achieve a spreading effect. And when we settled to a certain industry, we first need to understand the characteristics of the industry, what is our website theme? What we want is to provide users with information? These are all we need to authenticate thinking, do not deliberately to please the search engine, and a large number of the pseudo original, reproduced some articles, and finally engage in their website theme unknown, chaos, this website not only let users love, search engines will sooner or later be identified and punished, take the www.vxuyu贵族宝贝 micro whisper is because early in order to try to please love Shanghai, pictures of a large collection of other websites indeed, although the ranking is very good, but after upgrading love Shanghai algorithm again, now has been ranked the ashes to ashes, so each Webmaster want to own site will not be eliminated must understand their own website theme, to focus on writing is really beneficial to the users of the article, this is very important.

is now the search is very important for the brand value, for example when we search the word "Jingdong mall", you will find that love Shanghai will have brand promotion, and in the title of the site will appear behind the official website.

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