The website data analysis of seeing is not necessarily real

content is king, the chain for the emperor. In addition we care included, second concern is the chain. Many webmaster friends every day domain dozens of times, it is generally believed that the domain data is the true performance of the chain, today made a number of chain, domain check on the line. This domain the following result is common:

3, outside the chain of data

For example,

these data often is not real, "

2, the amount included in

site data is a most concerned about data for Shanghai Phoenix station. We analyzed data for only one purpose, that is to get a good ranking in the search engine. However, some untrusted or false data, often misleading website optimization decisions, even let website headed in the wrong direction to right down. On this point, the author analyzed the data index of common misleading webmaster friends.

snapshot of love

included volume is an index site in the search engine, it is generally believed that the website included quantity is huge. For example, Admin5 is included 110 thousand, Chinaz included 210 thousand article, many stations included millions more. At the same time, we believe that a large collection of Web sites for the website weight is also a counter, a large number of new sites are included, but also to promote the rise of weight. The more we can deeply appreciate this point in time for Links, even if your site quality is very high, with others included a big gap, will be shut out. Is it really? In fact, love Shanghai frequent revision also told the owners of a truth, only the website can provide excellent content in the Internet to obtain the good weight. For example, the author found a movie station, included 240 thousand, love Shanghai weight is only 2, this situation is not uncommon. When a lot of weight and included not equal.

recent discussion more hot W3SO, the blind pursuit of the web site is included for the quality of the content, do not care too much, and this is the main reason for the site right down lead.

love Shanghai snapshot problem is very much problem in the webmaster forum to ask you. Many webmaster friends encounter a snapshot of the back, the snapshot stalled, snapshot update slow, worry not, doubt yourself the right to be reduced, the Internet consultation should be how to deal with the post everywhere. Some owners even own, increase the chain strength, mass update the article or a few more Links. Obviously, this misunderstanding is actually mistaken: love = Shanghai snapshot website weight. Including you when changing Links, also have such thoughts, others as you would not change the snapshot. In this regard, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon guide has been given a very clear explanation, Lee at the beginning of the year when it has made the point.

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