How many know the website blindly push Shanghai dragon means you

means of expansion of the chain

in Shanghai in search of love "love Shanghai click on the keyword, you can see above those brush top ranking websites and software, I believe that the past few years to start, click on the software slowly into our vision, and many people love Shanghai brush flow wizard keyword click, a lot of people use other software however, under these brush ranking guide, gradually influenced the study for love Shanghai site integrity, I remember a friend said, after a website online, directly through the software brush amount of keyword frequency, then in the next update can get some good rankings, these are not unreasonable; after all, deception is a means of love in Shanghai not for before, is an extremely effective way. But since the love of Shanghai to update the URL link, this will also be included in the ranks of cheating, as shown in figure

most of the time, when we see outside their own independent chain, make the content a few months down, when they found the site and not the slightest improvement, whether you will be anxious heart, in this mentality, we are most likely to be some "blindly push" Shanghai Dragon Phoenix means misled by then that attracted, opinionated positive effects, however, the result is not what most people imagine, because more is love Shanghai to test these means, then the domain name is right down, be sealed into the sandbox, so close to the website " blindly push " how much do you know about the Shanghai dragon

means?The first point:

a) submit independent type chain

URL was adjusted in this "love Shanghai, we face blindly push" means gradually lose the original value, some people say that URL is to deal with the 360, I believe that on the other hand to prevent flooding clicks, after all, a jump of URL and various parameters to determine the role set, click device is very effective.

many times in the chain is usually produced by the way we blind most easily, but when we blindly with the chain, you will be the number of links a huge monopoly, but when a site over and over again when adding invalid spam links, often backfire away, so what the chain expansion means? Listen I slowly said to


flooding and click on the popular


in fact, in many cases, when we query Shanghai Longfeng effect in some sites, often can have the following effect of the chain, so there are a lot of people use such a way, as shown below, is a site of query records, these records often appear again and again is to let the user query log the then generates a virtual URL, and finally let love Shanghai included, become a new site for exposure, remember this way, long before a show mode >

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