From the Shanghai dragon transformation project or can choose cooperation and traditional business p

for the site, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners can defeat opponents, then to the product, the traditional business personnel can defeat Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, so practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng must pay attention to when seeking transformation problem is the choice of products is a good product. Don’t joke traditional business personnel can not bring traffic to the site, even if you bring to the site in the tens of millions of traffic, but.

network is now open source program, don’t rack up a website told me that you were going to do, than to put a cold word to the first row that you will experience the real Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon worker can in a short period of time to the site to bring a lot of traffic, it is generally the novice to do not to.

If the

recently, many of the original in Shanghai Longfeng optimization work friends have started to switch to start the project, from the point of view, this should be considered an inevitable phenomenon, after all, with the Shanghai dragon work has become more and more difficult, many people have to choose their own occupation, and is rich network optimization and experience in the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are richly endowed by nature condition for Internet project.

a lot of direct access to the Internet from traditional industry friends may at the beginning will have very strong confidence, but as time goes on, you will encounter a problem, that is the site project all ready, but there is no traffic. The traditional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners orders are mostly for this type of service for people, but now the situation has changed, Shanghai Longfeng work threshold is very low, many people seem to feel that they do a website, the website optimization does not need to find others, their optimization in free time optimization can, in this situation, Shanghai Longfeng work began to become cheap, in many people’s consciousness in Shanghai Longfeng work seems to be a everyone can do the job. Therefore, the traditional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners seeking to restructure is imperative. So, the traditional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and these people than where do, the first is the natural advantages of the more experienced website optimization.

1, website optimization experience

2, network promotion experience

good general practitioners in Shanghai dragon is necessarily a good network popularization personnel, they can skillfully use a variety of network promotion tools, be able to better organize the site architecture and overall functional design, so as to make the user experience better. They are better at research on user psychology, in order to maximize the site to bring traffic and user visits or. In the front of Shanghai Longfeng novice or didn’t know Shanghai dragon can only dumbfounded.

but this is not to say that Shanghai Longfeng practitioners began to project can defeat opponents, it is not so simple, so Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in transition when you need to pay attention to what? I think the most important thing is to choose the project product.

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