nfluence of Title Length on Shanghai Longfeng effect

title is one of the most important factors in Shanghai Longfeng, after taking over a project, whether novice or Daniel, will take the title as the optimization object. The reason is:

theory and algorithm, the search engine is so processing. Shanghai Shanghai dragon is Chinese love word into "love Shanghai" and "Shanghai dragon", whether the former or the latter, before I in the company’s blog wrote an article "how to improve the keywords ranking of search engine and keyword weight" of the article, explain how search engines give the weight of the word segmentation and. In this case, the love of Shanghai is a noun, while the Shanghai dragon is a verb, that is to say, the true intentions of the user should be looking for "the love of Shanghai search engine optimization".

From the

from the common sense, the title is "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon", in the user search "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon", the title is "natural than love Shanghai Shanghai dragon _ Shanghai dragon _ Google search engine optimization -XXXX company" this title is more relevant. I want to find the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon instead of Google, from the title, the contents of the second page also seems to be related with Google, as the first natural high correlation.

and if we take this title length expansion, is the correlation between the title and index terms has decreased, simultaneously with other index related words.

, CTR (CTR) level have great influence on

the length of the title has influenced Shanghai dragon, the answer is very sure. But it should be long or short, many people do not understand. According to the TF-IDF algorithm and HillTop algorithm, the title to short to Shanghai Longfeng favourable; but considering from the angle of long tail traffic, the title will need to cover some of the common user search terms. It should be said that the specific industry specific treatment, but can not say.

third does not belong to this category, we do not speak aside. The first two points in a sense to I have a feeling of repulsion. Why?

title in the search engine ranking in a very important factor

, love the word Shanghai is endowed with higher weight, while the Shanghai dragon is relatively lower. The contents of this application can be derived, see my previous article "TF-IDF algorithm in Shanghai Longfeng in".

in the title key word correlation directly affects the number of web page display, thus affecting the flow of

search engine is provided with the use of the core index word is the most relevant content to the user. While the title as a web content concentrated directly with the "relevance" hook. This is why love is either Shanghai or Google, factors on the title and give weight has not low.

The quality of the title of

this should not be difficult to understand? Say bluntly that "love"

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