Large sites have the ability of Shanghai dragon you have

Shanghai Longfeng

in fact about Shanghai Longfeng basic skills, all the practitioners especially Shanghai Longfeng enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng friends all know, such as layout, label, within the chain, the chain that is not to say. These basic skills are needed, the most important point is that these things must be their own combat here, rather than simply heard from the internet. This is a very important point

long Enterprise Station of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are generally not too large to control site. Because of the work of Shanghai Longfeng large portal, information, business website needs to do more detailed and complex, so the strategy! Shanghai Longfeng practitioners requirements is to grasp more comprehensive skills! Then include the need to master the ability of those we say one?.

said the data analysis ability, and an important point is the ability to do data report, a perfect data report, can let the leaders know your job well! So the ability of data analysis and reporting capabilities as important

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small business station without too much data need to be analyzed, the large site is different, the general large-scale website, channel, the content is numerous, has a huge traffic and visitor data, an adjustment will be subtle effect in large area. So we do a large site in Shanghai Longfeng work, must have control of processing capacity, the analysis of the data, and make strategic adjustments according to the data. Do some good companies have specialized departments to collect data data, if not the work required Shanghai Longfeng personnel to do, so in Shanghai Longfeng must grasp good data analysis ability of


three, the website data analysis capabilities

actually has a lot of friends is not Shanghai dragon origin, so the technology is not paid much attention, and even dished out the "Shanghai dragon no technical content of the speech, basically just know some basic HTML code, so it is difficult to study how Shanghai Dragon technology has been a breakthrough, especially the need to achieve the program staff to communicate in the program some needs, there will be a lot of problems, some problems if communication is not in place, the program staff can not understand the place, very difficult to achieve a good collaboration, it is easy to cause a demand of Shanghai dragon ER feel very simple, programmers but incomprehensible, actually this kind of awkward situation in some company of Shanghai dragon team not very mature under the condition of frequent occurrence of

is the ability to do more than a few large sites in Shanghai Longfeng are necessary, so do a qualified.

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, Shanghai dragon basic skills

if we know their own technology, even if he did not write the code to the level, but with the program staff communication is also very smooth, the effect of such work will improve N times! Do large website of Shanghai dragon friends should be able to understand the above I said these questions

two, extension ability of

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