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became an agriculture, I lost my core competitiveness.


I have been reluctant to admit the fact that if you are from the countryside, I think you can understand my idea.


in February, I made a domestic brand boutique website, a simple list ", built a blog system, slowly began to do site optimization, little traffic, I believe I can go to the money, and then update the content constantly, strengthen the construction of inside and outside the chain chain the. I get 200 yuan income from Ali mother at the end of February, greatly inspired me! I will follow the same method to update the site every day, insist for a month, March revenue is more than 3000, last month in May 4000 income! Of course website ranking is not very stable, also need to constant efforts, only their own strong, sh419 can give you a good ranking!

I don’t even have a basic Linux system to do the program, and then all the more esoteric technical questions are beyond me. I’m thinking about a question. How did this technique get into this company?.

cats can eat fish, but if you throw a cat into the water, it can’t eat fish

children in rural areas have been educated since they were young. They must be promising and never farm again. Even though they teach us, they are farming.

The first

webmaster more and more Taobao customers, everyone has their own set of promotion experience, so how to realize the breakthrough of guest income, must have many webmaster thinking about this issue, we not only pay attention to our site traffic, do guest, it is more important problem how to promote the effect of flow. Better? How to realize the breakthrough of Amoy income? Here is a little experience to tell you about my

later, I resigned from the company and went into agriculture, saying it was farming.

think that when I can get some great opportunity, due to my core competitiveness – the written interview.

, do all the test questions once, read it over and over again. Then try to answer all the questions you may encounter in the interview with standard answers in your mind.


didn’t get accepted. Maybe the company really values birth. – look, you’re not 211 and 985. You’re sketched out in the unspoken rules.

! !

entered the company, I found out how much soy sauce I had played in my college career in the previous four years.

A5 station network, author: Shu Youge reproduced please keep the source

a thin fragile body, what is better than real farmers who can bear hardships and stand hard work. The advantage I used to think seemed to be an advantage over me.

then walk into the interview and interview yourself confidently,

When I

in their life, farming is a basic means of survival, in consciousness, this is the inferior things, in order to make a last ditch.

then the ending speaks for itself.

‘s first company is a big company, one of the best in the industry, and its customers are mobile, telecom, and unicom. Many go together and I at that time is the key university branch and other super awesome. At least a university, a small second rate graduate like me.

it worked, and although I was average, it wasn’t stupid, and with adequate preparation, almost all written tests performed better in most cases.

later recalled a detail, though not technical, but good at interviews and written tests,

Before entering the When the

has a lot of people ask, do guest must do? I think the guest should be diversified thinking, not only confined to the shopping guide website, a single method is difficult to have lasting benefits, only constantly update promotion methods, and can adapt to the network, you can return a new breakthrough! There are many ways for you are definitely the best, I believe you are the best!

a few years ago I was a monkey, ape, ape. Just graduated in the first year, what are not, a lot of things almost from scratch.


I like a lot of people, just contact the Taobao customer, in the face of Ali mother above income ability, every day is full of passion to promote, but pay is always not to return, not posting frequently deleted is difficult to flow into the order, then I spent 2 weeks time to do promotion, research other special guest promotion methods.

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