Analysis of search engine marketing soft Wen to enhance brand image

            search engine marketing network marketing for enterprises, on behalf of the station network sales as the main structure, the user by clicking on the corporate website to understand the brand image to promote sales. However, whether it is personal station, station or the enterprise competition pressure is very great, the enterprise pursue is not a simple page optimization, it is more important to do fine and stronger economic entity on stabilizing the opponent. How to improve website popularity and brand image but with website ranking are inseparable, the higher the degree of the exposure means more competition and brand, how to express the brand image? The author thinks that the soft promotion is the most competitive advantage is the most effective means of promotion, not only to enhance the brand image, and enhance their visibility is good.

            soft soft, soft, and some industries own some soft opponents, we are speaking here is nothing more than the above three points, written a soft, more can build more commercial interests for enterprises. Soft yourself: in the Internet there are people reading this article, to enhance corporate image understanding, software industry: write soft soft industry at the same time with the industry’s current form analysis highlight the characteristics of the enterprise itself. Write some soft competitors in the same industry in the larger brands to endorse competitors, in fact may not stand on the same level of competition, such as "recommend the most stable space:" network…… The first 8 are some well-known industry website, Ninth embedded in your own web site, the tenth station to continue to use the well-known bottom ", this form is a manifestation of soft competition, and to help others but also the achievements of their own. It’s just an example, not on the table.


            what is the enterprise network marketing lack of station? Trust, no one is willing to put money to others casually Tao dashuipiao. Therefore, to enhance the user trust is the foundation, how to improve the website trust? The soft can deliver the author’s thoughts can also convey to the user, not only the soft can write their own products, you can also write, or a problem of user analysis. Many websites in soft construction do not enough, one can not give users enough trust, on the other hand, the search engine ranking is not good, therefore the enterprise network marketing has been in a state of "half-dead". The marketing performance is far less than at the end of the company, had to withdraw from the competition, but also to the network marketing. Network marketing is not no, but no method.

            Enterprise Station write text on the value of

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