Discussion on the influence of domain trust four factors

The length of time a !The length of time domain name

if your domain name is a short time, just register a new domain name soon, but there are a lot of historic high trust website links to your site, then your domain will naturally become more and more search engines love, even artificial pick will feel even so many high trust website links to you, then you want to link to your website, the website will not go bad? This is normal psychology of human beings, the search engine is no exception oh

trust domain directly affect the domain name, the domain name registered just one month to five years registered domain name, so, no matter what the search engine algorithm, how to choose artificial believe the result is the same, can’t say that you just registered a month high degree of trust than the registered domain name the five year old domain name, which is why so many people love the Shanghai dragon with the site of the old domain causes.

is the core of the domain trust is artificial selection, perhaps you will say that the search engine will be judged according to the algorithm, but some of the core of the website or by manual selection of the audit, the search engine algorithm may be able to fool people, but it is not the search engine algorithm, content is the soul of the website, website the overall quality and domain name trust, therefore, if the site update is the original high quality content, and constantly updated with the update frequency of their own, so users not only love, love the people choose, search engines will be very love.


server response speed of

website content quality and update frequency of

if your website in a relatively fast and stable server, when a search engine to crawl is very smooth, you can grab, then the search engine will naturally become more and more love your website, search engines love, often come, your domain trust will slowly increase. On the other hand, if your site in a very rubbish on the server, often can’t open phenomenon, the search engine spiders every time can enter your site, sometimes need to wait for a time, the reaction speed is very slow, so, your domain trust will not be good to go. To cause the search engine spider.

from other high trust website link

domain name trust influence website ranking, we can see some weight high site because of domain name often in search of time, has a long history of ranking is in front, and many large high trust website page ranking is also very good. Since the website domain name trust ranking on the site has such a profound impact, so how can we improve trust website name? The A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html  Shanghai dragon dragon;) on the common factors affecting the domain trust which:

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