About the hair of the chain in addition to mad outside you should know about these things

, to do good work, must first sharpen his

is not to find a high weight platform can sleep without any anxiety hair chain? Of course not so simple? Because of the high weight platform has not included the situation. How to know whether the high weight of the platform can be included? This depends on this platform recently and the chain keywords you want to send is included in the article.

for the new station outside the chain, don’t send too much! Why? The reason is very simple, a railway station, how could there be so many of the chain? If your site is not a long time, there are hundreds of thousands of the chain, the chain must be your own hair! Love Shanghai of course, the optimization of excessive hat will give you up ".

optimization of the site inside the circle have such a word, "large inner chain, the station on the chain," why? In fact, change an angle to think! And large and small companies, large companies through internal adjustment and marketing strategy in order to survive, a few small orders only relying on the outside is not to let a hundreds of billions of enterprise survival for a long time, must rely on the strategic adjustment of internal investment and development of new products, constantly; while small companies rely on the connection outside the list in order to survive, by adjusting the internal strategy is very difficult, because of the small enterprise – not so much money. I explained, you will see a bit of it! And for the website optimization beginners, most small contact sites, and many web site optimization beginners a new station, are generally the first mad, look at the collection? Recently, I received a website optimization of magnesium chloride, today we the new magnesium chloride to explain to you how to find a suitable chain.

two, the chain platform high weight, and hair and included

we do search engine optimization will have a powerful "weapon", the first weapon is "love Shanghai advanced search" you can search directly in Shanghai love love Shanghai advanced search "or inurl: magnesium chloride (enter the keywords you want). So we can directly find you want to include web site keywords magnesium chloride.

is to optimize the small skills in recent years the mining website Li Jun, hope to enlighten novice friends and website optimization. More knowledge of website optimization can login 贵族宝贝wfzmxx贵族宝贝 please indicate the source! Thank you! Cherish the fruits of labor of others, is to respect yourself! "

, three new sites outside the chain how to send to the

specific operation method or by the love of Shanghai advanced search, the keywords you want to write all the keywords in optimization includes the following:; magnesium chloride, in a limited time to search the web page is, choose the nearest one day, in the limit to search the specified web site is inside the input high weight. Specific see below:

just perfect?


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