Hard to force people and robots have to say the story

now have a buddy to ask: Why did this happen? The reason is in his robots website when the file is completely shielding love Shanghai spiders crawl. I believe we all know the fact that when you write a robots file when love rules, shielding spiders from Shanghai, Shanghai or find love will crawl, the reason is very simple, Shanghai is not love, do not like intelligent people, so love Shanghai would send spiders to crawl the page, but webmaster buddy don’t panic, after over time, the love of Shanghai will have to grab the page (robots shield) removed from the index database of their love, Shanghai will have a process of discovery and correction, error correction.

buddy asked a sentence: why to love Shanghai shield spider? Because the website is just good, but he also has learning Shanghai Longfeng, so also know about the contents of the robots file, see a new website can be temporarily blocked with sea spiders, etc. the site was built in improve to love Shanghai, and modify the robots file, and allow the love to grab Shanghai. May.

OK, some of the effects of the cat to talk about the robots on our website. In the A5 webmaster nets have a buddy with a kitten is better, once, his site contains thousands, but one afternoon, included suddenly becomes 0. He was very nervous, because the site included no, no site traffic, Xing Xing struggled for more than a month’s time, it was found in March Blokus, visible touch. When the buddy is discouraged, went to A5 webmaster group chat, ask the other webmaster buddy is going on, the site was K ah, how to do it! A5 webmaster group of buddies are very enthusiastic, there are a lot of people to help him check the reason, after a period of time after we check it is found that the reason of his site robots file shield love Shanghai spiders to crawl the web page.

kitten want to say today is a webmaster buddies are very familiar with things: robots file, believe buddies are not unfamiliar to this file! But the kitten found that many webmaster buddy have forgotten the importance of robots robots, said very angry, the consequences will be grievous. The cat of Shanghai Phoenix are self-taught, after the robots file to see the problem, I asked some of the Shanghai Dragon God, the robots file is very important? At that time, the God of the cat said: sincere words and earnest wishes robots can make your website, also can destroy your website, so robots is very important. Use the following story to tell robots how important to the webmaster buddy kitten, the story happened in others, but the kitten to change, for the first person, buddies don’t care about the details of the



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