A new ranking effect trilogy crowd user experience strategy

want to do this we need to make reasonable layout in the website, especially the website home page content is priority among priorities in the optimization, because he is usually used as the landing page, if the login page can not be a good show the user intention demand, will not be able to retain users, what about the website good user

here we need to tell you what is the content of the matching degree. The content of the matching degree we can be regarded as the theme of the site, website content, website; theme and industry demand; matching site title and love Shanghai scheduled word retrieval database; website theme and user demand. But no matter how to match the main or user search experience to be satisfied, and this requires us to observe competitors in the same industry in the setting of topic whether the content has to meet the needs of users. We have to do is for those who have not been met, and the user demand in the upward position matching demand of the layout of the content, to solve user problems. When we solve the competitors in the same industry to meet the needs of users, will be able to love Shanghai for our site assessment and score, and of course our website ranking will get priority.

the first page, highlight settings.


website ranking to enhance user experience to achieve optimal. In the face of many new Shanghai dragon Er will have such a question? What is the first page design? Or do the user experience? So, the author Dennis person that they are not in conflict, whether a website user experience is good or not in the standard source data, and these data as a whole from the web site to vote.


second, the page title set time reordering.

page title will not normally be single keyword set, will use the 3~4 key words, these words how to order? How to contain keywords > range

pages need to be marked, in general we will use the H tag or the bold, can be traced. This is the most simple way to highlight the content, can let users clear web page content theme, increasing the likelihood of view.

Focus on the content of

site in the industry, we have to make user groups are different. At the same time, we also need to know the site is the same industry in different areas to show the user needs is different. The main problem of how to make the majority of the user’s search experience is Shanghai dragon Er, of course, to solve the problem of the road lies in our industry data and user groups to master the region.

web site keywords ranking is also divided into three stages before, during and after each stage have different emphases, but final result is to emulate the user experience. In theory, the love of Shanghai to determine the site user experience is good, mainly come from the experience of website data. One is love Shanghai webmaster statistics on the other hand it is said; the matching degree of website content.


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