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in addition to the agency, the Tencent also impressive than the past ten years investment trajectory in the game circle, these "paid out" not only accelerated the development of the game business, also let it become today’s general layout, from upstream to downstream have absolute control of the huge monster.

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‘s long and massive investment scale? Tencent?

so, here comes the question. How many companies did the Tencent invest in?

because of this, we can see the "Tencent is Blizzard shareholders" stem circulated on the Internet, but even the Tencent internal staff, I am afraid not all of these are associated with the Tencent’s enterprise familiar, today we wish this theme, see Tencent game so far is to complete a picture of how the layout of

on. ;       through the directory, mail order and web site to the country’s about one million members to deliver the latest and selected product information, the

game development Kyo, but relying on and accumulated huge users, so naturally should choose "agent" and "investment" as a way to open up the situation, this one from "CF" "DNF" "LOL" is for the good market performance is the outside world is called the "big three".

in the game circle you and I know such a thing, that is the "wealth" of the Tencent has not stopped investment, the pace of mergers and acquisitions of other game makers.

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since 2006, it has invested, mergers and acquisitions of 35 counterparts, the cumulative amount has more than 25 billion yuan.

Since that time the Tencent not to

for this reason, the author reviewed the Tencent in 2016 earnings, the game annual income of about 70 billion 844 million yuan, Mobile Games market share of about 65%, if in 365 days, the daily income of Tencent game is about 200 million yuan. If we allow time to start a little earlier, the Tencent’s gaming revenue will be around 2 million 710 thousand before 2006, and the market share will be only around 6%. So far, what the ancients said is different today, and it is different from the past

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even more, in 2003 the on-line game hall already revealed Tencent attempts to make "platform ecology" the idea. At the same time, Tencent in the same year Acting South Korea MMORPG "triumph" of the move is also equivalent to further into the online games circle of landmark events.

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penguins are not content to live in the Antarctic,

, a Tencent rooted in social networking, has not neglected the stickiness of the game itself and the subsequent means of realisation since its inception in 1998. So early in the era, we saw it through the chess class casual games related attempts.


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